Friday, 11 December 2009

Where has all the time gone?

Can't believe that the last time I posted was the 29th!!
Well you may recall that I placed an order that day (November workshop and 5 for a fiver items I needed) Well believe it or not but I have NOT received this order yet. Its been a complete fiasco! There was a stocktake at SU on the 1st and 2nd of December which prevented orders being processed, then there was an IT problem that has caused me grief. Aopparently when the system restarted, it proicessed the newest orders first instead of the oldest orders first (i.e. mine!!) Subsequently, despite 3 emails and phone calls, my order was not despatched until WEDNESDAY EVENING 9th December. I was appalled and annoyed. Anyway, demo support assured me that it was despatched Wednesday night and gave me a tracking number yesterday to follow its progress from Frankfurt!! It SHOULD be with me today, so I am not leaving the house until it arrives. With the luck I have been having, it will come at 7 o'clock tonight.
Anyway - very very brief update of progress.
Monday 30th - Monday Club Golf, shopping in ntheafternoon - got a few pressies, and in the evening the Thursday Craft Class came (as Thursday is Presentation night at the Golf Club)
Tuesday friend Jackie cam to me (so Tuesday craft class was cancelled) and we had lunch at Brewers Fayre where we partook of our favourite beer battered cod with chips n mushy peas! Had a lovely get together, took her to the market where she bought some pillow cases and I introduced her to Keith! That evening was our DV reunion Christmas Dinner at the Sandygate at Wath. It was great to get together again.
Wednesday, couldn't meet Christine this week as I was taking Mary (Lady Captain) to choose a gift on behalf of the ladies at the Golf Club. She chose a beautiful Rotary watch with matching bracelet. Bought a few bits from M & S and then had a coffee abnd went back to the golf club to make arrangements for Thurday evening's Presentation evening. Wednesday Craft Club - made a SU card in shades of green.
Thursday morning I had my Swine-flu injection, which didn't hurt at the time, but left me with a small lump, which was quite sore for about 5 days after! Then off to the Golf Club to help Mary and Hazel set up all the tables and trophies ready for the evening. Left about 1 o'clock and had a light lunch and made a few cards. Took Barry to Barnsley, then picked Maggie up and off to Presentation Evening. I had two medals to collect and we had a lovely buffet!.
Friday I spent most of the day preparing for 4 "FIVE FOR A FIVER" classes (Monday Tuesday Weds and Thurs (7th 8th 9th and 10th Dec). Took Steve shoppong later, then had a relaxing evening and made a few Christmas cards for myself.
Saturday morning - Christmas Cracker golf with the Ladies followed by a sandwich in the Club House. Secret Santa Gifts opened and exclaimed over. Then back home to shower and change and glam up for the Candlenight Gourmet Dinner at the Masonic Hall at Eastgate. Just to bore you with the details here is the menu. Sherry on arrival.
Grilled goats chees with red onion Marmalade. Cream of tomato soup. Fillet of plaice with parsley sauce. Fillet of beef with red wine jus. Lime sorbet.Breast of roast duck with orange sauce OR poached salmon with prawn sauce, red cabbage and apple, carrots julienne and new potatoes. Brandy snap rolls filled with whipped cream OR Creme Brulee ORMeringue basket with raspberries ORLemon Syllabub OR Sherry trifle. Cheese board n celery. Hot mince pie. Coffee. Port or Cointreau. We were all given a glass of champagne to celebrate an absent couples Golden Wedding (they were on a cruise and wanted us to have a tost to celebrate their anniversary)
All in all a truly magnificent meal. I now weigh half a stone heavier.
Sunday - housework, washing and ironing. Shopping at JTF with barry in the afternoon, then home for Dinner about 5:30 then last minute prep for the five for a fiver events.,
Monday after Monday club golf and a little shopping, wrapped up most of Steve's Christmas pressies for him. Spent some time on the phone trying to organise a changeover of his Internet and telephone provider. Managed to persuade Sky to let him have sky plus free of charge, with a one off charge of £29 towards the cost of the sky plus box, as he has been a sky customer for 20 years and has had no loyalty offers at all. (Had to threaten to cancel to get this!) Got details from them on what to do to migrate his internet stuff from AOL to Sky, but ran out of time, as had to take Barry to Barnaley for 6:30. That evening was Thursday Craft Classes five for a fiver night - everyone enjoyed the night and loved their cards.
Tuesday I spent a lot of time on the telephone at Stevies, where a chap from AOL had me running all around the houses for a migration code, saying they would email Steve in 5 days time. I rang them back and spoke to someone else who gave me a code over the phone!!Then Sky gave me good service, but took ages to sort out the arrangements for Steve's router to be delivered, an installation date and the phone line rental to be changed over. Phew - was exhausted!! Had to dash home for Tuesday Craft Class five for a fiver event. After this dashed off the market where I bought some Cuttlebug Dies from Keith , then another dash to Blood Donors at Wombwell, then off to Barnsley to exchange a faulty Christmas gift for Steve (Maggies). Was supposed to have met up with Jo and Aly in Meadowhall this afternoon, but they cancelled the day before. Gave me a chance to have a little browse for more pressies. Home for dinner then another dash off to the Golf Club for a Committee meeting! What a lot of dashing!
Wednesday Chris came over to ours and we went to Wath to pick up some envelopes from Keith (at Wath) that I coulodn't get yesterday. He didn't have the ones I needed, so I ended up buying a pack of cheap cards for a £1 in order to use the envelopes!)
Made a lovely dinner for barry and me - chicken stir fry - yummy. Wednesday five for a fiver class went without a hitch.
Thursday had a lazy morning and played battleships online! Great fun. Had lunch, then tidied up craft room and conservatory ready for Thursday's five for a fiver. 6 ladies who are not in my weekly craft classes came to this - 4 novices. Michelle and Emma helped with two ladies and I looked after the other two. Excellent cards were made mby everyone! An exhausting week in all, and only 2 classes/fuddles next week, then its a break of Christmas and reconvene next year!
Thats all the progress update - you can see why i haven't had time to update before now!

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