Saturday, 29 August 2009

Saturday is blog candy day

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Phew I'm exhausted now. Well its been a busy few days.
On Wednesday I eventually went over to Chris's (G) and we both made a Spring card for Christmas, using a design that a lady called Debbie had brought last Saturday. If I can get a good photo of it I will post it.
When I got home, I decided that I would try my luck as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, so I posted off my application form. Hope that I'm doing the right thing! Cookedm tea for Barry n me then prepped the "bookatrix" card for the Wednesday Craft Class.
Thursday, Sandhill Ladies played Bawtry Ladies at home and we didn't finish our meal until 5:50 p.m., so I had to dash back home in time for Thursday Craft Class, who also made the Bookatrix card. Everyone has struggled, but enjoyed this and we have had some stunning results. Everyone chose different colour schemes, and no-one has been disappointed.
Friday morning it was not a nice day, so I started the ironing. Soon got tired of that though, and crept into the craft room to play for a little while. I took a welcome to the family call from Chris (male) at Stampin'Up from Germany and we chatted for nearly an hour. Glad that he made the call to me. He did point out that should I wish to phone them it is a freefone number! He gave me a guided tour around the Stampin Up website and I am even more anxious now! Still I have to give it a go and see what happens. Spent ages after that browsing the web site and printing off the Demonstrator Manual and various other things. Barry brought fish and chips in for tea - bless him! He took Stevie shopping and I picked him back up.
Spent a bit more time in the craft room, trying to come up with a quick design for the "Make and Take" craft table I am organising at our Sandhill Ladies Coffee morning. If anyone's interested in coming, its on Friday 2nd October at 10:30 til 12:00.
Today Barry and I have played the "Fletcher Foursomes" and Gerald very kindly marked for us. We have played better than expected, but not good enough to win. It was quite windy and play was slow, so I felt a bit cold, and with the waiting on each hole, it wasn't condusive to good golf.
Not sure what is happening tomorrow as its the bank holiday. I have just done my supermarket shopping, so am looking forward to a relaxing evening. The ironing can wait!
See ya!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Can't believe that it's already Wednesday!
Here is a brief summary of events up to this morning.
Sunday afternoon, did 18 holes at High Melton and thrashed Barry -won't mention his score but I scored 40!
Had a superb Sunday dinner (which I cooked with my own fair hands) then spent some time crafting and had an early night.
Monday was (as usual) Monday Club Golfing - played with Jan, Jean and Kath. Had a lovely game and didn't play too badly. Home for a short time to make dinner for Barry, then back to Golf Club to help Joan with a Competition Summary Spreadsheet. 7:00 p.m saw the Golf Ladies meeting - was quite lively, quite a few issues brought up, interesting!
Tuesday, usual visit to market to visit Keith and hand over my purse! Bought a few things for Chris (G) also bought some new curtains and cushion covers for our bedroom. Went home and hung new curtains, washed old ones. Did another load of washing. There are only two of us, where does all this washing come from? Cleaned upstairs - aren't I just getting too boring! Printed some posters and handouts for our Tuesday evening Ladies golf - greensomes tonight. Was just getting ready for golf when the heavens opened. Got absolutely soaked fetching in the washing and had to put it all onto radiators to dry! Anyway, half an hour later went to golf club and had a dry 11 holes and Jean and I came second! We didn't do too badly in the quiz either. This is our last proper ladies evening of the season as next week we are joing the Rabbits for a competition and the week after sees the last evening event - a Texas scramble with the Ladies, Rabbits and Tigers. Sounds like something from Jungle Book doesn't it.
Got home and watched some of the QVC Craft day programmes that I had recorded through the day then another early night. Must be getting old!
This morning I got up to a cold wet and miserable morning, but wasn't too upset as I was meant to be going to Chris's (sis-in-law's) today for our weekly craft get-together. However I took a phone call from Chris a few minutes ago and we have to postpone as David is really poorly and she has to take him to the Doctors for some urgent attention. Poor David has been in real pain for a while now - so much so that they have had to cancel their trip to Australia which was due to start this Saturday. Hope that all goes well.
I am going to spend the morning doing the ironing, then when that's done I will craft alone. Don't you just feel so sorry for me? Seriously, it is an ideal opportunity to get the ironing done. When it rains, you may as well do the ironing, cos you can't golf can you!
Talking of golf, we have a friendly game with Bawtry ladies at home tomorow, weather permitting - so keep your fingers crossed that we have a better day tomorrow.
Tally-ho, off we go - ironing here I come - yum yum.
Bet you didn't realise that I was a poet either did you?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lazy Sunday

It's a beautiful morning, so I got up bright and fairly early to get the dreaded chores done. Have put the washing in and started the ironing, need a rest now so will update blog.
Yesterday morning Chris (sis-in-law), Mary n me went up to Stourton to Craftwork Cards for their sale day. It was super. As usual spent more than I expected but there were some real good bargains.
We were hoping to do a make and take with Julie Hickey, but would have had to wait until 1:00 p.m. so we decided that we would go back to ours, then do the make at take at home. Julie had told us that it was the Martini with a cherry card.
We enjoyed making the card, and it inspired me to make another one after they had gone home.
This afternoon Barry and I are golfing at High Melton, we will do either 9 or 18 holes, depending on the weather,
Right - back to the ironing.
Hi Ho!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Its that Friday feeling.

Yesterday Jackie came over and we had a real good natter, went to the Heritage Centre (without even peeking my head round the door of the Craft Box!!)then back home for lunch. Really good catching up with all the news. Went to hairdressers and saw Kathy R (an ex Dearne Valley colleague) and played catchup with her, then back home to cook Barry's tea. Craft Class in the evening, we did a stair step fold card for a man - everyone enjoyed this. Did I mention that I got a thankyou card from young Lucy after Dabble Day. She made the card and put that she would be able to come for the next one!
Today Barry and I have been on the Rabbits Awayday at Low Laithes (Wakefield). It was a lovely course, the weather was not too unkind, and the golf wasn't too bad, but nothing to write home about. Regardless of that, I came third in the Ladies and won a litre bottle of Gin! Shame I don't drink!! We had our meal, then went home, I then went up to Stevies, as baby sister had come over from Manchester to see everyone and I didn't want to miss her. Chatted for over an hour, then had to say bye as she had to catch the 7:25 train. Took her to Wombwell train station, then Stevie and I went shopping to Morrisons.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Guess what - no golf! Well there is a golf competition, but I am giving it a miss as it's Craftwork Cards Sale Day tomorow. I am taking Chris (G) and Mary through to Stourton. Can't wait. Am going to bed early so that I am fit in the morning.

Night night.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Chris n crafting

Well folks - where has the week gone??
Tuesday saw me off to Keith's market stall(as usual) for all my card basics and a few bits of frippery! He was mega busy, as Jill had taken their grandson to Skeggie for the day, so I volunteered to give him a hand on the stall for an hour. (Didn't go to Aquarobics!) Quite enjoyed the experience, but don't fancy it as a regular job - I prefer being the other side of the stall. When I was adding up customers' purchases, I kept seeing stuff that I hadn't seen when I had bought my stuff, so I ended up buying a second stock of goodies! Anyway, went home for lunch, prepared the necessary for our Tuesday evening ladies golf game - decided on Waltzing - I won't try to describe it to non golfers, it would only bore you. Photocopied a cryptic film quiz for after golf, prepped a card for Wednesday, put a ready- meal on the kitchen work-top for Barry to find when he comes home and then set off for golf club.
Met up with Jean, who is helping out as assistant Handicap Secretary (Joan our Handicap Secretary is away at the moment), and together we updated all the competition results and handicaps. I have gone back up to 29 - again!! Jean, Chris C and I then set off waltzing round the course (well 11 holes of it!) and we came in with a score of 44. Other teams came in with scores of 41,41, 41, 40 and 37 - so it was quite close- but as you can see my team won!!
Did the quiz, which was received quite well, held the raffle and ate the biscuits (which, whoever wins them, ALWAYS has to open and share them round!!)
Went home and carried on prepping tonight's card for card class.
Collapsed into bed exhausted.
Had another little lie in this morning, then set off to Chris's (sister-in-law's), for a crafting session. We made a bookatrix using the beautiful pink foiled card (from Keith's) and made a box for it. Only stopped for coffee and lunch!
Back home again in time to make Barry's tea, a little relaxation with a cup of coffee watching Emmerdale, then Wednesday evening craft class. That's another day gone.
Tomorrow my good friend Jackie is coming over and we will have lunch. Am not sure whether we will stay home or go out - it will depend on the weather, but whatever, we will have a lovely day no doubt.
Well Chis (B) I have now done my duty and updated my blog, so...
Happy reading!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Club

Had a little lie in this morning then off to the Monday Club. Michelle, Ev, Kath and I all played 11 holes and Ev played really well today - must be the club that she had bought for her birthday last week, then we went to Brewers fayre, where we had an excellent meal (Two for £9!)
Here is a link to some blog candy on Handstamped by Lacey's blog
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I am going to keep entering these draws for blog candy in the hope that I will win one of these days.
I am going to spend a little time crafting now (just for a change),

See ya

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dabble Day

Another very hectic day yesterday. Golf in the afternoon - Barry and I joined up with Lady Captain (Mary) and Ann P in order to speed up things, but it still took 4 hours to play. None of us are likely to win, but we had an enjoyable game, only getting wet on the first 3 holes.
Back home and a quick shower, then off to Sue and Tom's for her birthday barbecue. Had a great time and we were even treated to a spectacular ariel fireworks display, courtesy of one of their neighbours. Left about 10:20 ish as I didn't want to be too late going to bed because of the busy day ahead.
Got up bright and early this morning. Had to go up to Stevie's to collect freeze packs for cool bag (no room in my freezer!) at 7:30 so that we could keep everything that wouldn't fit in the fridge cool until lunchtime. Chris arrived 7:30 ish and we made a start on preparing the buffet. First people arrived about 9:30 and then the fun began. We set off with muffins and coffee/tea, then began the first two projects. Buffet lunch next, followed by the last two projects. Excellent work produced by all, and trust that everyone had a good time - the feedback was positive. Raffle drawn about 3:20, then folk set off home, but not before we set a date for our Christmas Dabb le Day - 1st November!!. Chris and I had a quick tidy up and then sat down for a well deserved rest.
Barry and I are having a buffet Sunday tea, then I am going to relax for the rest of the night. Need to conserve my energy for golf tomorrow morning! Monday Club ladies are doing 11 holes and then going out for lunch!
Talk to u tomorrow!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Bev's blog candy

The link for this fantastic candy is here
Good luck.

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Morning all - what a gorgeous morning, I have had my breakfast and am sat in the lounge with windows open enjoying the breeze - makes you glad to be alive. Needless to say Barry is still asleep!
I had a busy day yesterday catching up on the housework, washing, ironing and sorting out the conservatory, in readiness for Dabble Day (Sunday). Had to make sure that most things are sorted as today Barry and me are playing golf at 1:20. (Ger is not playing today as he and Maggie are off to Ibiza today with Emma & Tony).
This evening we are off to Sue & Tom's for a birthday barbecue.
Doesn't leave much free time for checking that everythings ready for tomorrow.
Anyway, before I tackled the mountain of housework yesterday, I cooked bacon butties for Paul, Cheryl and me, then we went down to the Heritage Centre. I took Barry's old and tired Masonic chair in for a quote for repairing and restoring. They will ring us next week and let us know the damage.
Went into the sweetie shop there and bought my favourites - cherry lips and floral gums - heaven. I don't ask for much do I- just a few sweets and I am happy!!
Anyway, after waving bye to Cheryla nd Paul the battle on the grime began.
Before I knew it, it was five o'clock. Barry went to the chippy and we had fish and chips for tea, Then I took brother Stevie off to the supermarket for his weekly shop. He bought me a lovely planter for my doorstep. Thanks Stevie.
Back home, packed the shopping and then commenced the dreaded ironing. Barry let me watch a weeks worth of Coronation Street that had been recorded (and I have to confess that I hadn't had time to watch!)-made the task almost bearable! Back ached something wicked after that though. Changed the bedding (more washing and ironing there) and then collapsed into bed. Luxury!!

This is the Hand Stamped by Lacey Blog Candy that you may wish to have a go at winning - follow the link
It looks well worth winning - I am having a go at it! I am also going to have a go at Bev's blog candy and possibly Simon Says Stamp Saturday Surprise blog candy. I could quite easily become a professional blog candy competition enterer!
Right time for a cuppa i believe - see ya!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday!!

Where has the week gone. I have just had another lecture from Chris (B) about not posting daily updates, so here goes.
It's been a whirlwind week again.
Tuesday was lunch at the Kings Head at Swinton with Janet Norton, then dash home and change for golf with the Sandhill Ladies - 11 holes and then a quiz. dash home have a quick bite to eat, put finishing touches to Barry's birthday card.
At midnight I insist that it is now the glorious twelfth and make Barry open his birthday cards and pressies - quite a lot of wine received - much happiness.
Wednesday no golf today. Over to Chris (G)'s for a little crafting. Shopped at Tesco for the bulk of food for Dabble Day (next Sunday) Did a little last minute planning then spent the rest of the time making a very complicated card. It was on the split Coast Stampers website. It's a Tri Shutter Card and Chris and I watched the on-line tutorial many times before actually completing this card. It took us about 4 hours, less the time it took us to lunch . Homemade spinach pie with salad - delish!!. Dashed home again to cook Barry his birthday tea - Chilli con carne with rice and garlic bread. Dashed to Morrisons to buy bouquet of flowers to take to Townmoor Golf Club on Thursday (for their Lady Captain). Dashed home, Craft Class for two hours and then made card for Sue and card for Chess (Town Moor lady who is 89 on Saturday!), then crawled to bed exhausted.
Thursday (today). Got up bright and early, picked Michelle up at 8:10 and got to Town Moor Golf Club for 10 to 9. Coffee and biscuits, teams sorted, cards done, seven teams of ladies set out at about 10:20. Our team came second!! Well Done! Back in clubhouse quite late - long round of golf! Had meal, strawberries, chocolate cake and clotted cream. (Discovered that I had left Chess's birthday card on table in hall at home - will have to post tomorrow!!)
Michelle and I eventually set off from Doncaster at about 5:00, made it to Thurnscoe for about 5:20 where Michelle picked up her van from the garage (having passed it's MOT now) Dashed home to feed Barry and Cheryl and Paul (our friends from Costessy Norfolk) Craft class at 7 - Cheryl joined in. Sue brought Josh (her 14 year old son) who was extremely well behaved and sociable - all credit to you Sue and Tom!
Well Chris - that is a quick synopsis of my last three days. Can you see why I have not had time to update this blog!
Totally shattered, off to bed, see ya tomorrow folks.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday Club

What started off as a dull morning turned into a half decent day today. Played golf with the Monday Club ladies (well - Michelle, Jan & Rosemary) Rosemary left after 11 holes and despite Michelle and me trying to tempt Jan into going for lunch, she persuaded us to finish the round! We have decided to go for lunch next Monday after 11 holes instead.
Went shopping to Tesco to buy a birthday pressie for Barry and spent a fortune on other things!
Cooked tea, went to bed for a couple of hours (which isn't me really) cos I was feeling exhausted. Then got up again and made Gail and Ev's birthday cards. Its been a busy week for birthdays. Its a very special one for Ev, but she wouldn't thank me for disclosing her age, so I wont.
I got a late sponsor today for my race for life efforts, and also received a thank you letter from Cancer Research for the £169.58 that I paid in last week, which if you add to the £140.42 that I raised online, brings it to a grand total of £310.00 which I am extremely grateful to everyone for. I would just like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who so willingly sponsored me and if you would like to see the online sponsor page, follow this link

If you want a laugh, here are a few photos that were taken on the day.

Right that's your laugh for today, I am going to bed now!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Sunday

Where has the week gone? Yesterday Glynis and I played our greensomes game at the crack of dawn - well it seemed like that - it was actually 8:06 a.m. and the sun was shining and the dew was on the ground - it was a beautiful day and we had a really enjoyable game, with quite a few splendid shots, as well as some not so splendid. Don't think we have won any prizes with that one.
Finished Lucas's birthday card (his birthday's tomorrow - 6 years old!!) and made Cheryl and Paul's Anniversary Card - they are coming to stay over Thursday evening, so am looking forward to seeing them again.
This morning at the crack of dawn (7:00 am) I got up, got ready and went for an early morning swim and gymn session .
Went shopping this afternoon with Barry and bought new curtains and sheets for the spare bedroom. Bought a new drinks fridge with ice-making facility (cos the new one we bought doen't have this (nor does the freezer!)) Also bought a 1TB external hard drive for my laptop.
Cooked dinner, then spent the evening making Barry's birthday card - am quite pleased with it. Will post photos as soon as I get a spare couple of hours!!
Tomorrow morning it's Monday Club Golf so I'll say goodnight to you all now.
Night nigfht.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Headline News!

Guess what - Mary, Colette and I (AKA Maid Marion, Friar Tuck and Robin Hood)have featured in the local rag - The Barnsley Chronicle - there's even a mug shot of the three of us, taken on Lady Captains Day when we Sandhill Ladies all dressed up as Robin Hood & his merry men (not forgetting the fair Maid Marion of course!)
Fame (or infamy) at last.

Played our friendly game today with Town Moor Ladies at Sandhill. It was an absolutely brilliant day, the weather was extremely kind and we played a good game of golf. The Team I played with came 4th, and I won a box of chocolates for nearest the pin on the 3rd. I haven't opened them yet either!
Tomorrow Glynis and I are playing greensomes so keep your fingers crossed for us, for good weather and good golf!

Its that Friday Feeling

No wonder I feel tired this morning. Yesterday Ashley had me traipsing across cornfields, wheatfields, rotten broad bean fields, unbeaten tracks with stinging nettles, thistles, brambles, mangrove swamps and jungles! Seven miles we walked! I had sticky buds and wheatears in both my boots and my socks!! Having said all that, we both endured, sorry enjoyed the walk. It was a lovely day and there was not even a spot of rain to spoil the day. We had a very posh picnic lunch sat on a stile! Ash came to my rescue when I missed my footing (too much Pimms the night before) and almost disappeared down a ditch! Who ever thought that a walk on a summer's day could be fraught with so many dangers. When we got back to Ash's house, I gave my feet a treat with a cold soak, bathed my poor legs (that were scratched to death) and had a lovely cure-all cup of tea. Ash has promised never to take me on walks using the ordnance survey "footpath" guide again!!
I then had to dash straight to the hairdressers (looking like a tramp with mud on my trousers etc), then home to cook tea for Barry.
Craft Class produced some quality cards we had the usual compulsory laugh and looked at Sarah & Stuart's wedding photos on the Internet.
I did some work on Lucas's birthday card then went to bed.
Today we have a friendly game of golf with Townmoor Ladies and the skies are grey, it's bleak and cold - how can one day be so different to the next?
Well I'd better get dessed and off -time waits for no woman!

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Yesterday was a very busy day. New fridge and freezer were successfully delivered and waited 4 hours to plug them in, then another 8 hours for the freezer to get down to temperature. Then filled them up again, chucking the stuff that had defrosted and couldn't be cooked. Was lucky that I didn't have to throw too much away, but I don't have a little drawer for ice cube trays in my new freezer, maybe thats why all the supermarkets now sell bags of ice!
Christine (G) came over, so I took her to Wath market where we both bought a storage box each and a minimal amount of craft goodies - HONEST!
Back home for lunch, then a little crafting before tea. Chris left about 6:30 and I prepared for the Wednesday Craft Class. It is Mary's birthday today, so yesterday instead of a coffee break, we had a Pimms break - and very civilised it was too!!
Mary had arranged for Ken to bring her and take her home, so I twisted her arm and made her drink another glass! Cards were beautiful as ever - think that the Pimms helped!
Today I am over at Ashley's walking, so I had better get a move on.
Talk later

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Docrafts Winner

I may not have been in the winning team of Texas Scramblers - although it was a good game with Jan finishing with a lovely putt! BUT... I have been lucky enough to be one of the winners of the Docrafts July prize draw. I have been entering these draws for about 5 years now, so it just goes to show - if at first you don't succeed!
Looking forward to receiving the Papermania Joyeux Noel goodies - exciting what!
I have now defrosted the freeezer and everything is in cool bags and boxes, just have to wait for the fridge and freezer being delivered tomorrow.
Christine (Sister in law) is coming over tomorrow, so we might just do a bit of crafting whilst we wait for the delivery men.
Till tomorrow.

Busy day again

Well yesterday I got all the ironing done, so I could spend time crafting without feeling guilty. Michelle came up in the evening and we did a little bit more crafting and a little more gossiping. This morning I went to the market for my usual helping of craft goodies, went to Aquarobics and then swimming, did a bit of food shopping, then went home and had lunch. This evening Barry and I plus Jan and Vincent will be playing a Texas Scramble - looking forward to the game, but the weather looks gloomy, so am prepared for another wet game!
Have been on the scrounge for cool bags and freeze blocks so that I can empty the freezer tonight, ready for the new one coming tomorrow and having the old one taken away. The house is in turmoil - I have food in bags all over the place!
Maybe a bit tidier and more normal tomorrow - we'll see.
Well, I will go and get changed, and maybe have time to watch QVC and Dawn Bibby for half an hour or so before I go!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Diary Found!

Hi all, just in case you were all getting worried about my Alzheimers - I can now reassure you that I am actually normal (well - as normal as those who know me would call normal), and have found my diary! It was under the drop down bit of the printer - you know where the paper comes out- and when I closed this - lo and behold the little offender had been hiding there all the time. I have been lost without this since Thursday evening when I first discovered it missing. Anyway, I will look after it better in future. Heather says that I should have it tied to my desk with string (in the same manner that I fasten my memory sticks to the desk drawer handle) and then I won't lose it. Will consider this option.
Well yesterday I managed to get all the washing done, and would you believe it, I didn't get the ironing done, so am doing it in between crafting and blogging and emails etc. One has to get one's priorities right.
I managed to do two sample cards for CCC and though I say it myself they look fine. I finished a wedding anniversary card that I am particularly fond of - very simple and classy - would you ike to see it?

Right - off now to do a litle more ironing.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Clip Crop Crafts

Morning all. I just couldn't drag myself off to the Sports Centre this morning for my Sunday session of swimming and gymning so I had a mini lie in and will get the washing and ironing out of the way so that I can craft for the rest of the day.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am currently a designer for Clip Crop Crafts, so quite a few of my recent cards feature downloads from them. If you would like to see their online shop check out

It's a great site, with loads of choice and - even better there are regular freebies!
Emma (the owner) has just started her own blog and promises more freebies, sneak peeks and blog candy, so you may wish to visit her blog too - you'll find that

Right, I really must get on, there's loads to do!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Simon Says Stamp Saturday Surprise Magnolia Blog Candy

Here's the link to follow to enter to win Dragonfly Tilda (shown aside)

click here

Another wet golf day!!

Well this morning I had a lie in and spent a couple of hours catching up on emails and downloading images from Clip Crop Crafts (who I am priviliged to be a design team member for). I now have quite a few of these downloads and it's difficult choosing which one to use first cos there's so many to pick from.
Barry and I were playing in our invitation day today at 1:20, and as per usual it rained! My partner Andy and I scored 37, whilst Barry and Cliff scored 30. We didn't win anything, but despite the rain we played pretty well and had an enjoyable game.
After the game we had a lovely meal and then came home to relax - me to watch "Casualty" and Barry to watch "Who wants to be a millionaire".
Casualty was very good but it was really tense and so sad - I do get involved in these things! Curtis died saving Alice when it was supposed to be their wedding day! - I was in floods of tears.
Well I think I may just look at these downloads and make a decision as to which one to use first.
Til tomorrow - byeeee!
PS Still not found the diary!