Friday, 31 July 2009

Recent cards


Today I cannot find my diary. I don't know where it is and I am lost without it. I have emailed friends to check if they know of it's whereabouts, I have phoned the Golf Club, I have searched the house twice and all to no avail. On wednesday I thought that I had lost the sponsored hole sheets, but found them in the spare bedroom! How did they get there?? I am getting quite worried that I may be suffering from Alzheimers. If/when the diary turns up I will let you know.
Before retiring to bed last night I discovered that my fridge had given up the ghost and expired on me. Consequently I spent the best part of this morning surfing the net to find a replacement. Went to Classique for my facial this afternoon - shame about the zit on my chin, otherewise my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom.
Back home and decided to have a new freezer as well as fridge, so Barry went off to Comet at tea-time to order them both. They wont be delivered until Wednesday - so if I have made an appointment to see any of you on Wednesday I will apologise in advance (I think that Christine is coming here on Wednesday so it should be OK) as I have to stay in and await delivery. (Wish I could find my diary)
Did the ritual weekly trip to the supermarket with brother, but only bought a few items as I have nowhere to store perishables now. I have put a dozen ice packs in the freezer and will set up my cool bag as a temporary fridge tomorrow, so at least the milk won't go sour - I hope.
Well I am going to have an early night tonight, cos I need my rest to ensure that I am fit for golf tomorrow. Andy and I are playing at our Invitation Day in the afternoon. Wish us luck and pray for good weather!

See ya

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Well this evening I got a lecture from Chris (B) for not updating my blog, so here goes Chris - enjoy!
On Monday night I was so relaxed I forgot to go to the Committee meeting at the golf club! Black mark for me!
Tuesday I went to the market as usual, then went to Aquarobics and ladies swimming, had a naughty McDonalds lunch, with a hot apple pie - mmmm it was delish!. Tuesday evening - another 9 holes of golf with Sandhill ladies - in the rain again! Got wet through again surprise surprise. Went home, had a healthy prawn salad then went to bed.
Wednesday was my day at Christine's, when we fuddled and played, and stamped and made cards, watched QVC Craft Day (but I didn't buy a thing!)and generally had a super duper time. Had a lovely home-cooked Lasagne for lunch and was too podged to eat a pudding. Called at Tesco on the way home to buy flowers for the Lady Captain at Crookhill Thursday. Called in to Golf Club to drop off sponsored hole sheets - ended up writing out cards for Invitation day and Glynis helped staple the cards to the sponsored hole sheets. Another job done! Saturday is Sandhill's Invitation Day, and Andy is playing with me and Cliff is playing with Barry. What's the betting the weather is crap again on Saturday?
Cooked tea, then got ready for Craft Class and had a pleasant evening and another early night.
Today (Thursday) drove Rosemary to Crookhill (Conisbro') where we had 9 wet holes and 9 fairly fine holes of golf. I am now growing gills and my fingers are wrinkly all the time as they spend so much time in the rain! Despite the changeable weather, we had a lovely time and the Ladies at Crookhill were very sociable. Had a super Carvery meal of beef and pork and then Black forest Gateau! Scrummy!
Dashed home to prepare for tonights Craft Class. When we finished our cards, we all had a glass of Pimms to celebrate Gill's birthday tomorrow. Sorry Heather - you missed this!!

Well Chris - that's updated my blog for now. Tomorrow I intend to have a well deserved lie in, a little ironing, a little crafting, then a visit to Classique for my monthly facial. Luxury!!

Bye for now...........

Monday, 27 July 2009

Housework Day

Well today I have been catching up on housework.
Yesterday Hazel, Mary, Joan and I played in the Barnsley Open. What a day! It took us 5 hours to play the 18 holes, we were waiting on every hole. To make matters worse it was raining most of the afternoon, and at times it was torrential. Joan and I finished with 35 points and Hazel and Mary 33. When I left (at 6:30!)we were in 4th position - and once again there were 3 prizes. You can't win em all.
Drove home, showered and changed then went straight to Wortley Hall to Sarah & Stuart's Evening Wedding reception. There was a Caleid band and Barry and I joined in the dancing - it was great. By 11:00 o'clock I was beginning to feel shattered, so we made our excuses, drove home and I went straight to bed - absolutely exhausted. Decided that I would probably not golf today.
Car went into garage for MOT today so didn't golf anyhow. Made good use of the time catching up on the housework. I changed the bedding and laundered it. Hung the new lounge curtains and laundered the old ones. Hung out the washing several times, then promptly fetched it back in several times as we had heavy rain showers in between the sunshine. Went shopping for accompaniments for the curry I hade made for tea (but forgot the Mango Chutney and had to go back out again!)
Tonight I have watched my soaps whilst I played Yahtzee on the laptop - quite relaxing. Went into craft room and made Gill a birthday card - it's her birthday on the 31st so we will be having a celebratory drink at our Thursday Craft Class. Heather is giving me the recipe for Weightwatchers Pimms!
Well I think it's time for another early night and a bit of much needed beauty sleep!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Worn out!

Well I am truly worn out now.
Yesterday Michelle, Andy, Carol and I played in the AM AM at Silkstone and had a fabulous afternoon golfing. We finished up with 147 and at one time we were actually 2nd, but when I phoned up at 7.00 p.m. we had been knocked off the leader board to 4th - prizes went to first 3 so we didn't win anything.
Went home, took Steve shopping and bought Mary's flowers for today then started sewing Maid Marion's cloak (for Mary for today). Went to bed shattered.
Got up this morning and went down to the club for 7:45 to decorate the buggy for Lady Captains Day. Jean and Michelle came down to help and it looked real pretty.
Robin Hood, Maid Marion and all Robin Hood's men were let loose on the golf course at 9:30 this morning and what a wonderful sight it was. When I am feeling more alert I promise I will post some fabulous photos, Won't be tomorrow tho' I fear. Lunchtime Joan (H) and I are playing together (with Mary and Hazel) in the Barnsley Open. Last year Joan and I won, so it would be nice to repeat this. Tomorrow evening Barry and I are going to the evening reception of Sarah and Stuart's Wedding. Its going to be another busy day. (Might not swim tomorrow morning!)
Thats all for now - going to make a cuppa and watch Casualty.
Tarra for now.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Tempus fugit!

Where has the week gone? Time flies!
Monday evening - the meal at the Sandygate was superb - couldn't fault it - would recommend it thoroughly. was nice to see everyone from work again.
Tuesday started with a trip to the market - very conservative spend today. Went to Aquarobics, and then had a swim. It rained continuously throughout the day, so only went to golf club to organise the Texas Scramble for those ladies mad enough to play in the rain! Got conned into playing by Jan and Michelle. Got rained on, got wet, came off after 9 holes. Our team came 2nd in the Texas Scramble but we won the quiz (after a tiebreaker) - and we all received one of the most excellent and rather flashy pens. Did the draw for tee slots on Saturday (Mary's Lady Captains Day) and discussed arrangements for Saturday morning. Will post photos after the event - it should be good.
Wednesday - got up early and did most of the ironing, then went over to Sheffield to meet my good friend Jackie. She took me out to Hathersage, where we enjoyed a tour round David Mellor's, a lovely lunch, which was only somewhat spoiled by the very disappointing pot of tea! The teapot weighed a ton, and the tea didn't have the strength to walk out of the pot! If we go back there we will order coffee! After that we went back to Jackie's, had a proper cup of tea, then I had to return home
and finish the ironing and cook tea for Barry. (It's a hard life you know!)
Wednesday Craft class saw us making Christmas cards - and some beautiful cards were produced by all.
Thursday, Christine is coming over and we will craft (no golf - need to conserve energy as I am playing at Silkstone (AM-AM) Friday, Sandhill on Saturday, Barnsley Open Sunday and Sandhill again on Monday and Tuesday - phew, feel tired at the thought of it).
Must get to bed now - exhausted!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Julie Hickey

Yesterday Chris (B), Mary (R) and me paid a visit to The Craft Box at Elsecar, to see Julie Hickey from Craftwork Cards demonstrating. It was absolutely fabulous, I simply had to spend money, even though I had promised myself that I wouldn't. I had to have the papers, and the butterflies and the flowers and so on and so on. Stayed a couple of hours, then went home and had lunch, picked up my camera, and promptly went back for another session. Couldn't wait to start crafting when I got home, so sent Barry to Morrisons for a cooked chicken for tea, got that out of the way, then set to for a crafting session! Made Liz a wedding card for Sarah and Stuart,then I made an acetate and flower card - will post a picture when I get a minute.
This morning I am playing golf with the "Monday Club" and then this afternoon I hope to finish Mary's costume for her Lady Captain's Day. Tonight it's our Dearne Valley Get-together at Sandygate. Busy day again - how on earth did I find the time to work?
PS On Saturday the winning scores for the Captain's cup were - 1st 34 points (countback), 2nd 34 points and third 33 points - so Michelle and I didn't too badly after all.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Another day of golf.

Well yesterday it rained all day and night so I played no golf at all.(Just for a change)Took Steve shopping as I usually do on a Friday - he bought me a beautiful pot of flowers for outside and Barry a bottle of wine. He's a super brother!
Last night Barry and I went to China Court at Mapplewell for a Chinese Banquet - phew - am still full from that.
Today Barry, Gerald, Michelle and I played golf at Sandhill - it's Captains day today. Michelle and I both scored 32 points, but Chelle won me on the back 9.
Tonight we are all going up the Golf Club for a Hog Roast - our Maggie will be joining us. Will be 15 stone if I keep going out eating like this for much longer!
On Monday evening it's our Dearne Valley Ground Floor North Reunion! We will be eating out at Sandygate.
Well I am going to have a coffee and then do a couple of hours crafting before going out pigging.
Bye for now!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crafty Goings On

Millie happiness downloaded image (Clip Crop Crafts) card: for Blog Candy on Crafty Goings on - link here to Crafty Goings on candy

- enjoy!


Today Stevie (brother) and I have been to Cleethorpes for the day.
We set off bright and early and went first of all to the Hobby House at Tetney, about 5 miles the other side of Cleethorpes, where I bought a few craft bits and bobs, while Stevie sat drinking coffee - on the house!
We then went to Steeles restaurant in Cleethorpes and Stevie had half a whale with chips and tea and I had a baby whale with chips and peas - accompanied by bread and butter and a pot of tea! Excellent! As we left, people were queueing up the street to get in so it was oviously the right place to eat. We then went for a walk along the promenade, where I purchased a Candy floss to eat on the way, and another one to take home - yummy yummy.
We were bothered by millions of tiny black insects - might have been cornflies - not sure, but they were certainly attracted to my green Tshirt as I was covered in the blinking things.
We did a little shopping and bought a "Grow your own Spongebob squarepants" for Katie- he is supposed to grow up to 4 times his size in 72 hours, so we will watch and see.
If you're wondering what happened yesterday - well- it was a funny sort of day. I woke up with the most horrendous headache and felt extremely sick. Did nothing for the morning, but prepped a project for Dabble Day, then downloaded and sorted all my cards off the camera onto my memory stick. I uploaded some projects onto Docrafts site, then spent an hour speaking to Emma from Clip Crop Crafts.
Felt a lot better by late afternoon, so had a light salad for tea (but cooked for Barry) and then it was time for craft class.
Right - thats it for now
'Til tomorrow, take care.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

All golfed up!

Well I have played golf Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today and I must say that I am now well and truly cream crackered! Played at Sitwell Park yestarday with Mary, Ann, and Rosemary, it was a very hard course and I played c**p!
Last night I was invited to a Favours evening at Liz's and 8 of us sat on a production line and made bonbonnieres for Sarah's wedding. I have to mention the special skills of Catherine who did an excellent job as "fluffer upper" . Had a lovely evening and enjoyed the buffet Liz had prepared for us.
Today I was unable to do Aquarobics as the class was full! So I went and had a coffee with Rosemary, then went to Blood Donors at Wombwell and donated the requisite amount of blood. Thats my good deed of the week.
Had some alarming news about one of the Sandhill ladies - Carol H has swine flu and is very poorly. We all wish her well and a speedy recovery.
Too tired to write any more, I am going to have an early night.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Midgley Golf

Today has been a lovely day (although strictly speaking I should say yesterday as its past midnight).
Got up btight and early and did the bulk of the dreaded ironing, Barry got up and cooked brunch.
We then went to Midgley and played 2 x 9 holes on the golf course there, with a cup of tea and a sandwich after the first 9.
Didn't play too well, but it is the first time we have played there - enjoyed it nonetheless.
Came home, cooked dinner, made a new card, then Heather came over and we spent a good few hours crafting. Perfect end to a perfect day!

See ya all!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday's come round again!

How time flies! Here we are - it's Saturday again - where have all the days gone?
Well this morning I have done the washing, visited Keith's craft stall on the Market, played 18 holes of golf (not too well though), I have hung the washing out and had lunch.
I have read my emails and entered Simon Says Stamp Saturday Surprise Candy draw.
Here's the link for you to have a go too.
I really would like to win one of these days, and I shall keep trying until I do!

This evening we are supposed to be going to a barbecue in Douggies field at Penistone - hope that it doesn't rain, as it doesnt look too promising.
If it rains we may not go out, then I might have to do the ironing - ARGHHHH!
See ya later

Friday, 10 July 2009

Matlock Golf Club Ladies AM AM

What a brilliant day we've had today!
Andy and Sheila from Phoenix and Michelle and myself from Sandhill have played in the AM AM competition at Matlock. 160 ladies took part in this and our team came 6th - we each won Marks and Spencers £15 gift vouchers and Thorntons Chocolate!
The weather has been kind all day - not too hot, but hardly any breeze and NO RAIN!
The course was extremely challenging, but fabulous, we have all enjoyed the game and are looking forward to returning here. It's been a long day - the presentation didn't start until 8:30, but it was well worth the wait.
Think that I will have to get off to bed now - golf in the morning at 9:55!
Night night all!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Time test result

Yippee - I have gone and done it!!

Testing time

I am posting this post at 23:12 - have I corrected the time to GMT??

The time is wrong!

Has anyone else noticed that the time on these postings is totally wrong. I only noticed because the posting I put on this morning has yesterdays date on it!

Now I have to suss out how to correct this- anyone got any ideas??

Curtain making

Well today I have actually made the curtains, or should I say customised the curtains that I bought for the lounge before Christmas. I have christened the sewing machine that I also bought before Christmas - and well pleased I am with both the sewing machine and the curtains.
I also had my car valeted today as I was fed up of it looking like a golfers caddy!
It is far too clean now for me to use it so I shall just look at it- for a while.
I decided not to tempt fate by playing golf today. I thought that if I decide to play, the heavens will open and we will have another deluge. Note that as I had decided not to play, the weather has stayed fine! Aaargh!!
Craft class tonight - we made a concertina style brag book - had some beautiful results - everyone is well pleased with the results.
Tomorrow Christine and I are going to see Tracy, who is recovering from her operation just over two weeks ago.

Talk to you tomorrow.

What shall I do today?

Well, yesterday I did my Aquarobics, craft class and five and a half holes of golf! The rain interfered with my game something rotten, so we skulked off the course and into the clubhouse to dry off!
Today, I have decided not to attempt the golf, as all my gear has not yet dried out and I will need it for Friday, when Michelle, Andy, another Phoenix lady and myself play at Matlock.
I may alter the curtains for the lounge (the ones that I bought before Christmas!) if I feel like sewing, and use the sewing machine that I bought before Christmas (and haven't used yet!). I really need to make the dress for Mary for our Lady Captain's Day, but I need to really be in the mood to tackle that one.
Here is a link to the purple zone blog candy
I keep trying to win, but no success to date. You might have more luck than me.
Well I suppose I had better get on with whatever I decide to do!

Bye for now.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day of rest

Well Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest isn't it?
I have already been for a swim and done an hour at the gym. I have a load of washing to do, but can't decide whether to wait until tomorrow, cos it keeps threatening rain and I don't fancy drying washing indoors.
I've entered the Simon Says Stamp Saturday Surprise blog candy draw (follow the link)
Now I have to finish Jane's card - it's her birthday tomorrow.
We went out last night to Mehfils at Sprotborough (think that's how its spelled) to celebrate Jane's birthday. Me and Barry, Maggie and Ger, Chris and Jane (pictured above) and Stevie went. It was a lovely family get together - just a shame that Anne-Marie couldn't be with us - but it's a bit far to come from Manchester! Anyway a good time was had by all.
Now it's time for a little crafting (after I have loaded the washing machine!)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Stevie's Haircut

Well yesterday was a complete washout. It rained from the minute we teed off! We called it a day on the fourth tee when we were all absolutely soaked. Whatever happened to all the sunshine?
We all went home and dried out all our things.
This morning we played golf at Sandhill (my home golf club) and the weather was excellent.
Came home, started other sister-in-law (Jane's) birthday card - will post when completed.
Been to brothers today (Steve) and given him his annual haircut! It looks lovely.
Tonight we are going out to Sprotborough for a curry, to celebrate Jane's birthday.
Bye for now!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Motivet's Blog Candy

Bog Candy to be won follow this link

Chris's birthday card

This is the card that I made for Christine's birthday.

Pontefract - Golf!

Well its been a really hectic week.
On Sunday, sister Maggie, niece Emma and I - along with about 2000 other ladies, completed the Race for Life at Huddersfield (just under an hour - so we didn't really race!) and it was really warm.
Monday saw a birthday lunch with Nicky, catching up with all the news, then a trip to Country baskets at Leeds with friend Liz and her daughter Sarah. We went to get the materials to make bonbonnieres for Sarah's wedding, and I just bought a few crafty bits,
Tuesday - craft class in the morning and then in the evening Sandhill Ladies social golf.
Wednesday was my monthly walk with Ashley - 3 and a half hours with a 30 minute break for a picnic lunch - wonderful but tiring. Craft class wednesday evening - Kath nearly passed out with heat exhaustion as it was so hot and sticky in the evening.
Yesterday was our birthday picnic in Sherwood Forest to celebrate Christine's birthday. Last night I gave my talk on Faberge Eggcrafting to the WI ladies at Ingbirchworth.
Today I am golfing at Pontefract Golf Club, so hope that the weather stays fine!
When will I do the housework?

Well I had better get ready - busy day ahead!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Christine's Birthday

Today is my sister-in-law Christine's birthday. Happy Birthday Chris!
We are going to Sherwood Forest and having a picnic - we do know how to have a good time.
I have made her a lovely card and later tomorrow I hope to upload photos of it, so watch this space.........
Bye for now!


Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Well here it is at last - my very own blog. I have pondered for ages over whether or not to do this, but have now succumbed. Will see how things develop. Look forward to developing this blog and trying out all the things that bloggers do, and may need help from time to time, but I'm sure there is help out there for me to call on.
Meantime - watch this space.