Saturday, 31 October 2009

Golf again.

Well Ashley and i had a fabulous, if somewhat exhausting walk on Thursday. She drove us to South Cave and then we commenced an 8 mile (ish) walk, It was quite strenuous as there was quite a bit of uphill hauls. Just after halfway we decided to have lunch, but couldn't find a bench to sit on, so we both sat perched on stones. and ate home made bread, homemade leek apple and smoked bacon soup, followed by Ashley's famous muesli slice. Yummy - almost worth the walk!! 100 yards on, after setting off again, we happenned across a bench - would you believe it! Anyway we carried on and enjoyed the walk on that fabulous autumn afternoon, couldn't believe how warm it was. By the time we had driven back to Ashleys, then had a cup of tea and driven home, Barry had already got home and made his own tea - so that saved me a job! Prepped the cards for the Thursday craft class, everyone came that night and we made the beautiful bauble card again - even bah humbug Chris loved it!!(My apologies to Chris)
Friday morning was catch up with the housework day. Did 3 loads of washing (where does it all come from??) and dried most of it on the radiators as it didn't look too promising and I wanted to go shopping to Barnsley, so daren't leave washing out. Didn't spend a fortune in Barnsley, but did buy 5 rolls of ribbon (about 100 metres on each roll) for £1 each! Barry fetched fish and chips in for tea then Barry took Steve shopping and I fetched him back. I then settled down in the craft room to watch Corrie and Eastenders, whilst sorting out the monthly SU order for our craft group. At 9:00 o'clock I joined Barry in the lounge to watch the weekly episode of Benidorm - its hilarious. After that I went to bed, completed a Sudoku puzzle then off to sleep.
Golf this morning, bright and early, once again it was a beautiful morning. Played the front 9 excellently - a net 48, then my game went downhill steadily on the back 9. In fact I had to leave the course in a hurry after the 16th to pay a visit! Went on to the market to pick up some black card I had ordered off Keith then back home for a late lunch. I am now going to sort out a make and take for Heather's SU workshop on Monday night - I won't have time in the daytime as I am over at Jackie's on Monday.
Thats all for now!

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Hi all - forgot to tell you that I have been promoted - I am now a bronze 2 SU Demonstrator!! Applause applause! I did my first "real" workshop yesterday, at Christine's and it was really good, sold £350 which was super! It was hard work at the end, sorting out the money and checking the orders, but it was all worthwhile! One of Chris's friends (Wendy) came along just to make the tea and coffee, which was very kind of her! So all in all, the time I spent preparing for this on Tuesday night (including an on-line pep talk from Julie)was time well spent and Heather's workshop on Monday should be a better one for the experience!!
Was shattered when I got back from Chris's and had to make a quick tea for Barry n me cos it was craft class. (I had done all the prep for this on Tesday nigfht as well) so I could chill for half an hour before the ladies came. New lady joined us last night - Jan, a colleague of mine and Barry's, and I think she enjoyed making the two bauble cards. One was a hand stamped and coloured bauble card, the other was an "assembled" quick card with die cut baubles on it. Will post pictures if I get time after my walk with Ashley today!
Well, must get off and get dressed and get myself over to Ashley's for my monthly expedition to who knows where!
Talk later!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Saturday was a lovely day - even though it rained! I had a quick lunch then went to the market and bought some supplies from Keith. Met two friends there - Tonia from DV and good friend Heather. Helped Heather choose supplies for her craft stand in the P.O., then I was bamboozled into going to Penistone with her, to see an Embroiderers Guild exhibition there. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it - there were some beautiful items on display. I bought some lace sugar bowl covers and the usual mandatory raffle tickets- can't have won anything though as I haven't had a phone call!! Had a cuppa and a piece of lovely home baked cake - was tempted by the cakes and bought some to take home!. When I got home, I decided to go to Tesco and have a leisurely shop. Bought a polo neck jumper (for golf), a dress, four t-shirts for Barry and a green cardigan - as well as a load more groceries, even though I had been shopping with Stevie the night before!! After a late tea cum supper, I decided to tidy up the craft room as I couldn't find something I was looking for! (Does that sound familiar?). Then off to bed.
Sunday morning, got up bright and not too early- checked emails etc and had breakfast, put television on and couldn't understand why the program listings were strange. I had only totally forgotten to put the clocks back hadn't I! Another CRAFT moment! (For those not in the know - can't remember a flipping thing). I phoned up brother and bent his ear for not ringing me up to confirm that it was this weekend that we put the clocks back - we had had a conversation on Friday about whether it was this weekend!
Had a general tidy up and put away clean laundry after ironing. Watched a little televison and played silly computer games, then decided to have something to eat - well a woman has to eat doesn't she! Barry arrived home around 7:00 p.m from his golfing weekend, didn't have to cook for him as he had eaten after golf.
Prepared make and takes for Christine's SU workshop on Wednesday, then made two cards, one was a card order for Nicky, the other for a SU colleague, then finished the last of the card samples for CCC ready to post on Monday.
Monday - was golf with the Monday Club at 10:00 - played with Ann and Ev, only did 11 holes as I had a new appointment for a facial at Classique at 1:30. Parcelled up samples for CCC and took them to Post Office. Had tea then played silly game on computer before having a pre-arranged on-line chat with my SU colleagues Julies Jems. There were only five of us, but it was nice to talk to them and get to know a little about them all. We talked about the upcoming special offer for Christmas and how to promote it, also about Julies upcoming role in Footloose (performing in May next year) Made arrangements to meet up with Sarah and Julie in Leeds after Julie gets back from the SU Convention in Germany, and also arranged to go to one of Julies card classes in November. After we all signed off I joined Barry in the lounge and we watched Flash Forward together - it's getting quite tense now!!
Have got up this morning and its dull and miserable, so I don't feel like doing Step, Gym or Aquarobics, so I think I will give them a miss today. Instead, I'll go and get everything ready for my craft class then perhaps pop on to the market to see if Keith has anything new to tempt me with.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Stampin Up Card Candy

Hi All - here is some Stampin up card candy - to enter just follow this link

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Its well worth winning!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A lonely weekend

Wednesday morning, good to their promise,the new battery and charger arrived,so I set up the battery on charge and kept my fingers crossed that this would fix the problem. Checked the internet to track my SU parcel (for the replacement french stamps!)and it was due for delivery that day,so I stayed in all afternoon,but the parcel didn't turn up. Made tea for Barry n me and then checked tracking -only to find that the flippin parcel had never been put on the van! Wednesday Craft Class only Mary n Gail there (Louise and Glynis will be back next week and new lady - Jan will be here next week. Made the Christmas tri-shutter card - both excellent results-good students!
Thursday morning,picked Ann up at the Golf Club and we set off to meet Mary and Hazel at Pike Hills Golf Club. Had the mandatory bacon butty and coffee before we started then played 18 holes, 2 ball better-ball matchplay, Hazel & Mary versus me & Ann. My battery functioned exceedingly well, so I don't know whether it was the battery or the charger that was the problem! It was a very close match and Hazel & Mary won us on the last hole(but only because I played the wrong ball and we forfeited the last hole!) After the game we had a lovely meal, Hazel and I had steak, Ann & Mary had fish pie- there was enough food to feed a family of eight!! Dropped Ann off at the Golf Club,then back home ready for Thursday Craft Class.
A card had been left from UPS saying that they had not been able to deliver my parcel as I was not at home. I got on the phone and played my piece with the girl who answered,explaining that I have signed an authorisation for my parcels to be left in a safe place when I am not in.She said she would try to get them to redeliver that evening, but I did not hold out much hope.
Gill and Beth couldn't make Class, so Heather,Chris and Sue made another Tri shutter card but H & C made a birthday version. They all looked beautiful! I think all my students are pretty quick learners!! (As expected the parcel did not arrive that evening)
Friday, I had appointments at Classique for a facial and the hairdressers. My parcel arrived in the morning, I took Stevie shopping and then had a quick lunch and went to Classique. When I got there,Phil was running late so I asked her to rearrange the appointment for next week. I went to the hairdressers then after a quick shower, got changed and ready to go out. Barry and I met up with Christine, David and Janice at the Prince of Wales at Millhouses. The meal was passable-just, David's was inedible, so he sent it back. By the time the replacement came he no longer wanted to eat,so they gave him a free sweet, then we all went home.(Don't think we will be going there again!).
Barry packed all his golf stuff ready for his golfing weekend with the ROGS,whilst I watched Emmerdale (sky +) then we both watched Corrie and I went to bed.
This morning I have done the washing and put it on the radiators to dry as it has not stopped raining all morning. I am definitely not playing golf in the rain!
Barry has gone on his golfing Weekend and won't be back until tomorow evening. I am going to go to Tescos to buy Barry some new tee shirts this afternoon, after I have been to the market to checkout Keith's for bargains! Then I am going to do another sample for CCC and prepare some make and takes for Chris's SU workshop on Wednesday.
Hasta la vista!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wot Wednesday again!!

Well most things went as planned. Saturday Ladies night went well, Barry and I did quite a bit of dancing, must learn to jive though. Got up at crack of dawn Sunday morning to go to Belton Woods for our 2 days of golf and overnight stay. We played the lakes course on Sunday and both Barry and I lost a couple of balls to the lakes. My battery packed in on the 12th, so I had to push the ruddy trolley for the rest of the round. Really enjoyed the course, but didn't play too well, although I won a fiver for nearest the pin on the 17th. After the golf we were starving - fancy that. had a quick sandwich and a coffee - cost an arm and a leg! Then I went for a swim and Barry went for a kip. Off to dinner after that - excellent meal. Only had a starter and sweet cos the starters were fabulous. It was a buffet and carvery, so you just helped yourself. We went back to our room, watched TV for a while, then bed.
Monday was the Woodlands course and it looked fabulous with all the beautiful autumn coloured leaves on the trees. The only downer was my trolley battery only made it to the first tee! It was really hard work pushing the trolley round that course. Despite this I still enjoyed the game, but didn't play too well again. Barry and I had to dash off home straight after our game, as he had to be in Barnsley before 5:00, so after a quick wash and change I drove him through to Barnsley, had a quick tea and got some Stampin Up stuff ready to play with for Sue and Sarah. They arrived at 7:00 and we played nicely til 10:30! We made two cards each and they were really pleased with them. Neither of them had really stamped before, so they enjoyed having the opportunity to use both the roller and ordinary stamps.
Tuesday morning I had to phone Go Cart up and arrange for a replacement battery and charger to be sent to me. I am playingat Pike Hills tomorrow, so I really do need the battery to work well. They were very helpful and promised to courier these to me today, so i have to wait in for these arriving. Spent some time cutting the nesties scallop ovals and ovals for the Tuesday Class to finish off their tri shutter card and getting the supplies ready for their next project. The Class went very well and everyone's card looks absolutely stunning. We then stamped two baubles and started colouring them in, however we ran out of time so will finish this card next week. Went shopping to Morrisons and bought a cooked chicken for tea
then after tea I had to dash off to the Golf Club for a Ladies meeting. There really is no rest for the wicked is there! Came home and watched Flash Forward with Barry, then off to bed. Will do some housework today whilst I have to stay in and the weather doesn't look too promising anyhow, so I may as well stay in. May do a little crafting in between.
See ya

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ironing again!!

Well I have to do the ironing sometime don't I and I wont have any time to get it done now before Wednesday if I don't do it today. Tonight we are going to a Ladies night Dinner dance at Ardsley House. Tomorrow we are playing golf and staying overnight at Belton Woods (Grantham) then playing golf again on Monday. Barry will be out Monday evening nd I have two ladies coming to play at Stampin Up. Tuesday is Step and Aquarobics, then I have craft class don't I?
Thursday morning went to Meadowhall and met up with Carol D to deliver her SU goodies. We had a couple of coffees in Debenhams (and a bacon butty Chris!!) Then did a quick little shop then back home to get ready for craft class. Did the tri shutter card with the Thursday ladies.(Only two this week as Gill, Beth and Sue have a school appointmenrt for work experience ) Heather did it in Traditional colours and Chris did hersin Contempory - they both looked fabulous and they were well pleased with the results.
Friday I had to wait in for the new dishwasher, Joan C came up and we got our heads together to sort out the new fixture list for next year. We also planned a surprise event for next year. Took Stevie shopping, watched soaps, then went to bed.
Today am doing the ironing, with a little bit of pogo games on the computer to break the monotony.
See ya

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where has the week gone!!

I can't believe that its Wednesday night already.
Sunday I had a really lazy day - did swim and gym first thing.then did minimal house-work, but did the washing - more ironing to do!! I ordered a new dishwasher on-line from Argos, the handle has broken on the current one and my worry is that I won't be able to open the door and get to my crockery one of these days so I have bitten the bullet and ordered a new one. It will be delivered on Friday between 10 and 2.
Monday was golf with the Monday Club. We played behind a society, so once again the play was very slow, so we came off after 11 holes and had a sandwich and cuppa at the golf club then went home. Cooked dinner for Barry and me - lamb chops that were tough as old boots so didn't enjoy that at all. Committee meeting at Golf Club at 7 o'clock. Didn't finish until gone 10, so was late home and completely shattered. Watched Emmerdale and Corrie then went to bed.
Tuesday did my very first "Step" Class - really enjoyed it and to my amazement was pleasantly surprised at my ability to do this. Only thing that let me down was my memory!! I couldn't remember the order of the routines. Technically I could carry them out, I just couldn't remember what bits went where!! Did Aquarobics after the Step Class - was quite easy peasy after doing Step! Had a quick shower and changed, then dashed off home for Tuesday lunchtime Craft Class. Today we did a Tri Shutter Christmas card - or at least we started it. The ladies have taken their bits home to do as homework and will bring back next week to embellish.
Cooked a Chicken and Mushroom Curry for tea - was a bit hot for my taste, but was absolutely starving so ate it anyhow! Quick change again then off to Thurnscoe to The Little Theatre to see Double Cut. Met up with Janet and Steph from DV, Heather was there also. Nicky was playing Carlos, a Spanish manservant this time - he looked quite the part! As per usual, we really enjoyed the play and will be going to their next production in the new year.
Today was "Cousins Day". Christine (Barry's sister), Josie (Barry's Cousin) and I went up to Leeds to meet up with Susan (another of Barry's cousins - from Middlesbro). Chris picked Josie up and drove through to ours. Then I drove all three of us to Leeds. We parked up and then walked up to M & S where we met up with Susan and spent a good hour in the restaurant over coffee, catching up with events since the last get-together. Spent a little time shopping then went to Wetherspoons for a leisurely lunch. Then walked down to the markets where we parted company with Josie and Susan who were catching the bus - Josie to her daughters and Susan to Middlesbro. Chris and I went on to Samuel Taylors, where I bought some ric-rac braid for my cards, then back to the car and home.
Had Curry and rice with Naan bread (again) for tea, then prepared for Craft Class. Did a Stampin Up Card using the Garden Whimsey set. Was quite happy with the result.

Have made a right boo boo with my last order from SU. I have only gone and ordered a stamp set in ruddy French haven't I!! I now have to go about getting this exchanged for an English Set. It's my own fault I should have double checked the order, but I was obviously in a "blonde" mode when I did the ordering. Must have been in a "blonde" mode when I checked the order - I didn't look closely at the wording on the stamp. Only checked this out tonight when i was going to show Gail the set and realised that they were in French! Will be more careful next time.
Well, I am off to bed now - might have a bucks fizz as a bedtime treat - decadent or what.
See ya all.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I hate ironing!

I have just finished the ironing and have now got backache something chronic! Thank God it's done. Barry now tells me that Sky Plus has failed to tape Casualty so I am well and truly miffed. Should have watched it live instead of finishing the ruddy ironing!
Yesterday morning I went over to Pats to deliver the cards that I should have sent with Barry last night! Went home and made a card to take to the SU Training workshop last night. Had lunch them went to Aquarobics. Got stuff together for workshop, the Stampin Up delivery came - had to open it straightaway! I now have quite a selection of stamp pads . punches and stamps. Barry brought fish n chips in for tea then I set off to my workshop. It was great to meet some of my SU colleagues and put names to faces. There were a couple of demos and a couple of make and takes on a halloween theme. I received a recognition award for my £700 sales at my first workshop. It was a necklace that I had to wear for the evening then hand back!!
Had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed it - looking forward to the next one.
As the event started late (some people had difficulty finding the place) it finished late too, Was totally tired out -even too tired to watch Corrie, so went to bed.
Up bright and early this morning for golf. Play was extremely slow, so we came off after 11 holes. I went to Morrisons for weekly grocery shopping then home for a late lunch ( It was gone 3:30 by then!) Packed groceries away, then made a couple of return phone calls and caught up with emails. Set to doing the ironing, watched Strictly to relieve the monotony, then collapsed on settee. completely cream crackered. Think I will have an early night,

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Another year older

This is my last year of being fifty something! Tempis fugit and all that.
Its been a busy week again. Monday morning did 18 holes of golf at Monday Club,played with Jan, Joan and Kath, did my first Eclectic card and played quite well. Cooked Barry's tea, then Heather picked me and Cathy up and off we went to Oriental Palace for our Dearne Valley reunion Dinner. It was a lovely evening and we all arranged to get together early December at the Sandygate for the next one.
Tuesday morning did gym and aquarobics, then home for Craft Class. Tuesday evening was spent making my card orders - had 4 cards to do before today. Wednesday was my birthday - I always open my cards at one minute past midnight and this year was no exception. Christine came over and we had a coffee and a natter, I opened my pressie - a beautiful hand made necklace, opened my cards that had been delivered by post - I got 33 cards!! We went to Crofton to the Cock & Crown and had lunch, then went to Spring Green Nurseries to the Craft Kabin where we only spent a few pounds each - that makes a change. Back home we sat down and did a Stampin Up card each to add to my samples for workshops. Cooked tea then got things together for craft class. Gail was on her own last night so we spent the time doing a very special wedding card. We then rehashed her wish list of Stampin Up supplies, then after she went home I watched Emmerdale with Barry. Off to bed then - am getting tired a lot earlier these days - must be my age!
This morning got up bright and early for my early morning swim, the 45 minutes in the gym, then back home for a leisurely breakfast. I am going to watch a programme that Barry has taped for me and then I shall decide what to do with the rest of the day after I have read my emails.
Talk later!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Monday Club

Hi Ho it's Monday again. Had a good weekend. Went to Silkstone Golf Club Saturday Night for Wharncliffe Ladies Night. Picked up Pat and Cliff and stayed over at their house afterwards. Ladies gift was a beautiful cream coloured wrap/scarf that co-ordinated perfectly with the dress I wore on the night.
Yesterday morning Pat cooked us breakfast then we came home and I got changed to go to Manchester to see little sis - Anne-Marie. Jane drove Maggie and me and we arrived there about 12:30. AM was so happy to see us - we were all in tears! It was lovely to meet Denise and Bill (Dale's mum and step-dad)Stephen and Sian (their grandkids) and Jo the dog. We all went out for lunch together and had a lovely meal. AM took photos of us all together and by the time I got home she had posted them on facebook!
Made Barry's tea when I got home, but didn't have room for any myself - just had a quick sandwich later on. Sorted out the last of the Stampin Up stuff and phoned/emailed everyone to arrange delivery. Caught up on emails, watched Casualty, then went to bed.
Found out on Saturday that Barry is going to join me for our Sunday Driver at Belton woods in a fortnight - I was going to have to have a single room as he couldn't go, so it was a lovely surprise. Its a golfing overnighter, golf on the Sunday, evening meal then bed and breakfast and another round of golf before returning on the Monday.
Today it's Monday Club Golf this morning, and tonight its our Dearne Valley colleagues get-together at The Oriental Palace (Chinese) at Sprotbro'. Heather is picking me up and we are collecting Cathy Rodgers on the way. It will be good to see everyone again.
Better go and get dressed up warmly - it looks like a cold morning outside - no sun today! Feel cold at the thought of it!
See ya.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Blog Candy time

Before i go to the market I thought that I'd better enter my Simon Says Stamp - Magnolia Blog Candy draw and one of these days I have just GOT to win haven't I! Here's the link so that you can have a go toohere

What a windy morning.

Thursday morning paid a quick visit to the catalogue shop to try on two evening dresses that I had seen there when I went with Ash on Wednesday. Bought them both - a fiver each!! They were £80 in the catalogue!! What a bargain - I shall wear one of them Saturday night for Ladies night at Silkstone. It was Jackies turn to come to me on Thursday and whilst the weather is kind we like to visit different places. We paid a visit to Wentworth Castle gardens. It was a beautiful day, extremely warm and the gardens were fabulous, especially the dahlias. We saw the conservatory which has received some sort of funding in order to renovate it - looks as though they are gonna have to look sharp and get the work done or there won't be anything left to restore - its in a real sorry state. Can imagine it looking fantastic when it is restored to it's former glory though. We had a leisurely stroll around the gardens, then had a rather late lunch then back home.
Had a great surprise at 4:00 o'clock - the Stampin Up stuff arrived! Spent time sorting everyones orders out, but had to break off to make Barrys tea, then sorted most of the rest. Craft class went well, we made an explosion card with a cute smirk on the front. When everyone had gone home I got all the things together for Friday's coffee morning at the golf club.
Friday morning, at the golf club bright and early (9:30 ready for a 10:30 start). The coffee morning went really well, don't know how much money we raised, but I took £50 on my Card Make and Take stall in the hour and a half - we finished at 12:00 midday. It was the first time that the Ladies have done this, but I think it must have been a real success. Don't know how much we raised in total, I'll let you know when I find out. Chris (G) came with her friend Wendy, and when we had finished we went back to ours for lunch. We then went to Hoyland and paid a visit to the catalogue shop (again). I tried another evening dress on but didn't buy it, and Chris bought a jumper. Took Stevie shopping earlier than usual, cos we had to get back early as we were all going to Jade Palace for a meal to Celebrate Maggie and Ger's Wedding Anniversary.
Ten of us went - Maggie n Ger, me n Barry, Steve,Emma n Tony and Stephen, Sarah and Ethan went. Stephen and Sarah announed that they are getting married on 7th November - at Gretna Green! They will be having a family celebration closer to home on the 14th.
We came home, I watched Corrie then went to bed - too tired to even watch the second episode!!
This morning it's a blustery day and I am still having pain walking - I have a poorly foot and its quite sore, so I think I will give golf a miss and get the ironing done instead. (At least I can keep having a rest at home - can't do that on the golf course!)
Tonight we are off to a ladies night and I shall be wearing my new frock! Looking forward to it. If I get time I will post links to Simons Saturday Surprise Magnolia Blog candy on Bev's blog. Talk to u later.