Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Grr - have just spent ages doing the update for this blog and I have caught a key combination that has wiped the ruddy lot. Boy am I mad! So a very shortened version now.
Monday early morning swim, 11 holes of golf, Morrisons for Maggie a thankyou bunch of flowers, tea, prep for Tuesday Class, watch soaps then bed.
Tuesday, sorting office at Wombwell to collect card with insufficient postage on it. Was 8p short so they charge £1 handling charge on top. I paid £1.08 and it turned out to be for our Adam's Kate - not me!!
Market next to visit Keith's craft stall, made a few purchases and picked up some envelopes for Heather. Aquarobics next - then home for craft class. quick lunch then off to Golf Club to drop off a birthday card for Ann, then a quick trip to Morrisons. Tea, then prep for Wednesday's class and a bit of work for the Golf Club's coffee morning on Friday morning. Watched a bit of telly, then an early night.
Today, monthly walk with Ashley. Before we set off on our walk we paid a visit to the Catalogue shop to see if they had an evening dress for a posh do that she is going to. Nothing suitable today, but we will keep looking. We did the Silkstone walk today and it was really good. Took us about 3 hours plus but the weather was brilliant and we really worked up an appetite for our late lunch. Cooked Barry's tea and posted thes items on blog - now I must go as it is nearly time for tonights craft class I had better sign off. Don't forget the blog hop - I won't

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Sunday, 27 September 2009


Hi all - well I can at last sit back and relax a little now.
Thursday saw Jules (My Stampin Up mum) come down to help me preparen for my Open House. We were very busy and only had a very short lunch break and make quite a few things to promote sales on Saturday. We get on very well and don'tm see any problems there. Craft Class Thursday night was quite peaceful, we all made a man's card (using the origami shirt blocks) and had a good old natter at coffee break. Was very tired by the time everyone had gone home, so didn't do any more prep and just went to bed because of the early start Friday morning (Uncle Fred's funeral)
Friday morning, up bright and early - well early. Showered, dressed and quick cuppa (can't face breakfast first thing. Kathleen and Fitz arrived at ours about 7:50 and we set off for Bridlington with Barry driving. Funeral was at Bridlington Priory, which is a beautiful church, followed by cremation at a place called Octon (Think thats how it's spelled) Everyone then went ionto the tearooms and we all had hot drinks and biscuits, cos we were all quite cold by then. Chatted to all the relatives - Graham and Marilyn from Doncaster were there, it was Barry's birthday-bash last year when we last saw them. Barry spoke to one of Lisa's relatives who is a lady mason! (Lisa is Uncle Fred's daughter). Addresses and email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, then we decided we had better have a proper meal before we all collapsed frpom starvation. Graham, Marilyn, Kathleen, Fitz, Barry and I went back into Bridlington and had a good old traditional fish and chip lunch at "Audreys" (supposedly the finest fish and chips in Brid!) and excellent they were.
After eating our fill, Graham and Marilyn decided to stay and spend some time in Brid and Barry, me, Kathleen and Fitz headed for home.
I drove the last half of the journey home cos Barry was tired.
Took Stevie to supermarket, did shopping for myself, then back home and made an excellent sandwich of french stick, Yorkshire ham and piccalli for Barry and me.
Made some last minute preparations for Saturday morning, and went to bed at 10:30 utterly exhausted!
Early start on Saturday morning ready for my Stampin UP Open House. Gerald dropped Maggie off at ours on the way to Golf (Barry and he were playing golf whilst I had my Open House). She was a godsend as very quickly it got very busy. In all 19 people came and there were times when it was extremely busy, but the last hour was a more sedate pace and very enjoyable. Maggie went home at 3:30 and the last guest went home at 4!! That didn't leave much time for a quick shower and change into the glad rags readyfor our Grand Gala Charity Dinner at the Royal Armouries. We drove to Silkstone to Chris and Stuarts (we were staying overnight here). The minibus picked us up about 5:40 and took eight of us to Leeds for the evenings proceedings. Liz and Alan and Roger and Sue went with us. It was a bit of a shambles to start with as when we got there they had run out of wine glasses for the reception, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for our drinks.
Then we were shepherded into the hall for the main event. Had our meal - which was excellent, then they announced who the winning Charities were. They had received 48 applications for the 5 awards of £30,000 each - these were whittle out and announced.
It was wonderful to find out that the Charity that Stuart had put the case forward for (A lift for Greenacres School for children with special needs)was successfull. It was the fourth award that was announced and it was great to be there to see his reaction. No-one in our group knew about the award, only the big-wigs higher up the chain knew, and they had been sworn to secrecy for the past 4 weeks.
Stuart and Chris's grandson Jack attends this school and is totally dependent on other people to look after all his needs. This money will make a huge different to all the children who attend the school, and it was wonderful to be there and share this news with them.
Well on this high note, we set off home and had an hour or so reflecting on things when we got back to Stuart & Chris's then all went to bed (about 2 in the morning!)
Got up this morning about 9ish, had a lovely breakfast with Stuart and Chris, then back home.
Couldn't wait to put together my oder for Stampin Up (as I obviously hadn't had time on Saturday to do anything much, other than put the orders safely away.) It took a while to input everyones orders onto the computer, butI was extremely please to find that I had sold £700 worth of products (including my own order of course. What a result! Thanks to everyone who supported me by coming along and making the event a success. Think that I deserve a rest now! However, I have put the Sunday roast in the oven, so I had better go and check that it's not burnt!!
Am going to have a very quiet evening, watch a little telly after dinner, the to bed.
Golf tomorrow morning!!
See ya.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Soon be Saturday- Stampin Up Open House!!

Morning all. Am heavily into preparations for my Open House on Saturday and getting quite excited,
I haven't golfed this week as I have been busy doing other things.
Monday - I didn't go golfing as I intended making a start on the ironing. Ha Ha Ha!
Spoke to Glynis on the phone to arrange for her to collect Louise's birthday card and found out that Glynis's birthday is Tuesday 22nd. Had to make her a card hadn't I? Couldn't not make my matchplay doubles partner a birthday card I - so the ironing took at rain check. Lunchtime saw me off to Country Baskets at Leeds, where I bought two rolls of cellophane - one clear and one in my favourite colour - PINK!! No surprises there then! I bought a few bits for door gifts for Saturday and a few card blanks and a bit of ribbon and some pearls and some gems - oh my - I won't tell you how much I spent cos Barry might read this! Went home and made a chicken casserole for tea - aren't I getting very domesticated! Took a phone call from Mary (Lady Captain) there is a House and Social Meeting at 6 o'clock this evening and can I make it? Couldn't say no could I? Glynis called to collect her card order and I gave her my card for Louise and my card for herself. She loved the Waterlily card that she had ordered for Louise, and I must confess I was really pleased with the finished item too. Glynis told me that friend Joan's daughter had had a baby girl whilst I was away, but didn't know any more details, so I sent Joan a quick congratulations email asking for details so that I can make her a card. _Fed Barry then went to Golf Club for said meeting - quite productive (not always). Back home, nuked the casserole and a jacket potato for me, then more preparation for Saturday, then off to bed.
Tuesday, quick last minute prep for Tuesday Class - Christmas Cards today! In the "coffee break" we had a diversion and had a quick trip to the market for supplies from our favourite craft stall holder Keith. Bought some beautiful Kanban card and paper and a set of clear stamps - can you believe that! Course you can. Was astonished to see Liz go to the card stall and BUY a birth congratulations card. When I commented on this, one of the other stall holders asked what was wrong with buying a card, I told him that Liz comes to my card-making class - to which he replied "Oh - is she not very good then!" Liz's excuse was that she has to post the card today (Wednesday) and would not have time to make one!!
Talking of congratulations cards, I received an email from Joan telling me that she had taken delivery of a beautiful GRANDSON!! I'll get that Gynis at playtime - giving me duff gen! Glad that I hadn't started making a pink card!!.
Craft Class over I went back to sending reminders to everyone about Saturday, then wrapped up a few little gifts for saturday - they look very nice - I hope people aren't disappointed! There again they aren't costing them anything are they so they should be OK. Spoke to Cathy R (an ex DV colleague to let her know about the next get together - an evening meal at The Oriental Palace (Chinese) at Sprotbrough. That reminds me, I really must get back into my swim and gym routine from Sunday - put two pounds on whilst on jollies - it was the drink - honestly - I had one alcoholic drink each evening and an odd shandy here and there - oh and there was the Bucks Fizz on the plane out!! They soon add up don't they.
Tea over saw me back in the craft room, checking out the SU web site to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything for Saturday, Sent a quick email to Jules (my SU line manager) just to remind her of the bits and bobs that she will be bringing down on Thursday when I meet her for the first time. She is coming to give me some training, so I am quite looking forward to this. I made her a thank you card to give her at the end of the session, it was good to use the SU stuff for this, but I am aware how few items I have in the SU range, OO er I can see my wish list getting longer!! Took a phone call frm Michelle (golf Michelle not hairdresser Michelle) and had a good long natter - hope to see her on Saturday. Took another phone call asking if Barry and I want to attend a Wharncliffe Lodge Ladies Night on Saturday October 3rd . Didn't take too much thinking about that did it! Silly question really! On Saturday evening, after the Open House if finished, I will be donning the old glad rags and Barry and I plus a minibusload of friens will be going to The Arnouries for a Grand Charity Dinner and Dance. We wnt a couple of years ago and it was great so am looking forwrd to this, it will be a nice relaxing evening after a hectic (I hope) day, Made another sample for make and take, then decided it was time for bed!
Today if I get really desperate I may do a little ironing(maybe Barry's shirts?).
I have to catch up on my emails - there has been a problem with sky email so I will check them as I sign off. I need to go to the supermarket for fresh bread and salad stuff some time today, and I am cooking a meat pie for tea (very nutricious but not too slimming!!)
If I don't get chance to speak to you all personally - don't forget to drop in on Saturday for my Open House - you know the details!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday Sunday - again!!

Well it's nice to be back home, but we have had a fabulous week.
To further update you, Thursday we played at El Valle again and this time I won Barry with 26 points - absolutely scortching heat, but no free water here!! Ate at their 19th hole - absolute luxury. Back at the hotel Barry didn't join me for a swim, but I spent an hour in the gym beforehand. Went out for dinner late and had an Italian at La Trattoria - we shared a "Menu" I had the salad starter, Barry had a main course - Spag Bol and we both had a sweet - there was plenty to eat!
Friday was our third and final day at Haciende Requielme - a nice pleasantly sunny day, but not too oppressive, still got free water. Won Barry again this time with 33points, my best score to date this week. To celebrate, Barry bought me a Polaris World Golf Resort polo shirt! Had different Tapas at the 19th hole, it was delicious, then back to the Hotel for a quick swim and gym session before packing. When I got to the swimming pool there were millions of kids in there, all jumping in and splashing one another, so went to the gym first and did an hours workout, then back at the pool as most of the kids had gone by then. Barry and I packed our cases and the golf bags - worried that the big suitcase may be overweight, so juggled stuff around. As it was, the golf bags were Ok as was the big suitcase, we needn't have worried. Ate out at "Bamboo" Friday night and shared two dishes- a Combo of starters and a plate of ribs and wedges - scrumptious. We have ate at this place three times this week. Thursday night we couldn't get in cos there was a private party for the Davis Cup Players and they hadn't given us a pass, so they wouldn't let us in! The cheek.
Anyhow, Saturday morning was a beautiful morning again, with the Sun high in the sky.
I got up at the usual time and after the ritual shower and early morning cuppa, played Mahjong sat in the sun on the balcony until Barry got up. We finished the packing and then went down for a late breakfast before checking out at 11 o'clock.
As our flight was not due until 19:50 we decided to stop off at a few places along the coast on the way back to the airport. We had pizza and drinks at a place on the seafront at a place that I cannot for the life of me remember the name.
Similarly we had a cappucino and coffee at another beach front place late in the afternoon,that I simnilarly can't remember the name of either.
Off to the airpost we went, Barry dropped the hire car off at the Rentacar place then we queued up everywhere as one does at airports, but the flight was on time and we had no problems. Our taxi was waiting for us at Manchester and we arrived home a little past midnight, tired but contented.
Whilst we have been away Barry's uncle has passed away (Tuesday I believe) and his funeral is in Bridlington next Friday. It seems that the only time we see distant relatives these days is at funerals and it is so sad.
On a brighter note, back home today I have unpacked all the cases, done three loads of washing, done the shopping, and cooked a Sunday dinner. Barry and I went over to see Shirley this evening and spent about an hour with her, then back home to catch up on reading my emails and updating this blog.
So there you have it - up to date again.
Think I might go to Country baskets tomorrow, I need a roll of cellophane to wrap up bottles for the bottle stall at our Golf Club's coffee morning in two weeks time.
I might phone Pat up to see if she fancies going.
Tara for now.

Bevs Whiff of joy blog candy

Hi all - good to be back!
Here's a bit of candy on Bev's blog
Will do a proper update on my bog later today - have to hang out the washing and put another load in! At least its a sunny day and should dry well!!

Talk later!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday already!!

Well we have had some brilliant weather on Monday and Tuesday - it has been extremely hot and the golf course we have played on for these two days is extremely hospitable and gives you free water - very civilised. On Monday Barry and I were scheduled to play with two English men, Tony and Alan. They were very sociable, and Alan came in very handy as he gave me the distances for all my shots with his GPS. I won Barry again with 27 points this time. I had to abandon the hole on the last green as it started to pour down with rain and we had to hurry back to the little wooden hut (19th hole). For a posh golf course the refreshment area is a bit poor, but Barry and I had tapas and enjoyed them.
Back at the hotel Barry and I had a swim and a sauna then changed and ate in the hotel restaurant again.
At the hotel, you drive up to the entrance and the staff take your car keys and park your car for you. When they brought ours back on Tuesday morning there was a big scrape down the drivers side passenger door. Its a good job that Barry took out superduper insurance!
We played the same golf course on Tuesday, and once again it was exceptionally warm. Free water again at the start and on the 9th hole. I won Barry again with 28 points! Poor Barry! When we get back to the hotel, the bloke on the door (I think its the concierge)always asks Barry who has won! I might have to let him win next time. Once again, as soon as we had finished playing our round, we were sat having a drink and a bite to eat when the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour.
Back at La Torre, there is heightened security as Friday draws near. The Davis Cup is being played here for three days and everyone who is either a resident or a visitor has to have a pass for their car or they will not be allowed back in tothe resort over these three days. This is the reason that we are unable to play golf here at La Torre. It is very busy with workmen everywhere building/assembling the seating and the Guardia Civil are everywhere.
Today we do not have any golf booked, so we had a late breakfast and went to Torrevieja. It was another glorious day, so I donned shorts and thin shirt, sunspecs and water! Had a good treck round the resort and bought a Prada handbag and two lovely scarves. We had a trip on the little train,but by the time we got bak to the terminus, it was threatening rain. We hurried along the 10 minute walk to the car and only got slightly damp when it began to rain. The journey back to La Torre was horrendous. The torrential rain turned to hailstones and visibility was about 2 metres. Several of the roads (including the motorway) were flooded and drivers had just stopped on the hard shoulder with their hazards on! We had to find an alternate route back as the normal route was flooded so badly we had no chance of getting through. Boy was I pleased to get back safely.
Barry joined me for a swim and a sauna, then we got changed and went out to eat. What a routine!!
Tomorrow we are golfing at El Valle again so I had better get off to bed and get some beauty sleep. Night night!!

Friday, 11 September 2009

One more sleep!

Yesterday was my monthly(ish) exchange lunch visit to Jackie's. We had a drive up to the Abbey and had a short walk around, taking in the sights of the Abbey and not forgetting the two golf courses that are on either side of the Abbey! Whilst we did this Tom cooked lunch - and an excellent lunch it was - Salmon, followed by a strawberry and rasberry tart wuth fresh cream- yum yum it was delicious.
When I got back home i received an email reply to my query about where my July prize-draw was. They advised me to contact Parcelforce and gave me a tracking number to enquire with, Well it took me 30 minutes to get thro the automated phone maze! I was ready for tearing my hair out. On the third attempt I actually managed to speak to a human being, She couldn't explain why the driver had been unable to locate the address, apologised, printed a map off to attach to my parcel and wrote my phone number on the parcel and said it would be with me today. So I have to stay in until its delivered today!! As I am doing the packing for the holiday today its not too big an issue, but I was furious. We have lived at this address for 15 years!
I refuse to be stressed on the eve of my holiday! I will let you know whether the parcel was worth waiting for.
Craft Class was a little noisy last night, but we all had fun and everyone enjoyed the class.
We are taking the notebook on holiday, so if I am not too exhausted, I might post a couple of updates whilst we are away, It will be nice to keep in touch with people and then I won't have a mountain of emails on my return.
Right then, I will do the last of the ironing and start sorting out the clothes that I want to take, then put half of them back in the wardrobe - we are only taking one suitcase!!
Bye for now.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Tuesday night's Texas Scramble saw Barry, me and the Gutteridge brothers come third, but since I have slept in between, I cannot remember the score. We each won a bottle of wine, and as I don't drink that much, I gave mine to Barry.
Wednesday morning, set the last load of washing before the holiday off,PLJ came and collected his card orders, then Chris (sis-in-law) came over and after coffee, we went down to Elsecar Heritage. You can guess the inevitable! Yes I bought a few goodies:- a Magnolia stamp, Banana frog set of stamps, two sets of Papermania stamp duos, Creative Cardmaking magazine, a paper toile tool, a new set of waterbrushes (cos mine fell down the back of the sideboard in the dining room some time ago and despite Chris and my best efforts, we have been unable to retrieve them, as the sideboard is far too heavy to move, and I haven't got the time to empty out all my crockery!!)Papermania Home for Christmas 12x12 paper (which Chris n I shared)and a pack of silver buttons. Well I think that's everything.
When we got back home, I put jacket potatoes and Chicken casserole in oven for lunch, then we spent some time looking through Stampin Up Catalogue and started our "Wish list" ready for the open house event on Saturday 26th September. Make a note in your diary folks - 10:00 a.m. til 2:30. It will be a super day!! Don't miss it!!
Ate lunch, had seconds, then went back to wish list, drooled over several items, then had a coffee and shared a "healthy eating" individual mandarin cheesecake - weren't we good. Chris is joining weightwatchers tonight - she's a stone and a half lighter than me!! I will be going back to my regular gym and swim routine after my jollies, now that the golfing season is over. We then hung out the washing (cos I had forgotten to do this in all the excitement of shopping and wishlisting!)
Made Barry's tea - casserole and mashed potatoes, I had a quick sandwich cos I was still a little stuffed from lunch!
Wednesday Craft Class - we did the "one martini, two martini, three martini -floor" card (courtesy of Craftwork cards)and despite several moans and groans, all the cards were really good and I would be happy to receive any of them.
Nicky called to collect his card orders and I introduced him to the ladies! He was looking very French in his beret and shorts! All he needed was a string of onions and a bicycle!
Prepped Thursday Class' card (same card as Wednesday class) and now I am off to bed cos I am very tired.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Last Tuesday Evening Golf

Well the end of the golfing season is almost here and we are playing our last Tuesday evening golf tonight - its a Texas Scramble. This heralds the start of dark nights and winter woolly weather - good job we are off to Spain this weekend or I could get quite depressed. Then again I have the start of my Stampin Up career to think about - that is quite exciting, and I will update you as it progresses.
Yesterday Joan H and I played in the AM AM at Phoenix Golf Club with Andy Law and Carol D. They came third with 64 and won £40 of M & S vouchers each and Joan and I came 12th with 71. 71 is par for the course, so Joan and I were well pleased with our score, even if it was not a winning one. The game was a good one, the company was excellent, as was the course, and the weather was glorious - we had a great time. The meal after was excellent - all in all a great day, so much so that by the time I got home I was totally exhausted. I just read my emails, sent a few, did a bit of Stampin Up stuff, then went to bed!
Only Liz at Craft class today - others are on holiday so we had a very special one to one and made a beautiful card each and put the world to rights at the same time.
Have to go and get ready for golf now - fingers crossed that the weather holds up!

Bye for now!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday Evening

I've managed to complete the card orders and here are scanned pictures of them. The colours don't come out as true as they should, but you get the idea.

Sunday morning

Well aren't I the early bird! No I am not out worm catching, just need to get those card orders made, so I thought I would post an entry on my blog early doors, then I don't bear the wrath of Chris B (who nags me on a regular basis if I don't post daily updates!)
You may have noticed a subtle change in the appearance of my blog - brownie points if you notice the changes and comment on this posting - I might even give the first reader who correctly spots the two changes a small gift!
If I get the cards made, as well as the Sunday dinner, I may update this with a few more pictures of the cards I've made. (I did the washing yesterday - the ironing can wait for a rainy day!)

Off we jolly well go!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Another Saturday Night

Yesterday Christine came over and we played with the Stampin Up stuff that's arrived. Chris has made a lovely sample card and I have made a gift tag that will be a super make and take for my Stampin Up Open House on th 26th/27th September (after we get back from our jollies - golfing in Spain- just for a change!!)
Had a lengthy conversation with Julie, my Stampin Up mentor. She will come down from Leeds the week I come back from jollies and help me with samples etc. She sounds great! Took a phone call from a customer wanting to order stamps!! Invited her to come to Open house and took details and will post invitation out later on.
Took Stevie shopping and fetched him back, then dashed out with Barry to pick Philip and Shirley up. we went to the Bluebell for a meal, then back to theirs for a quick cuppa, then home to bed.
This morning Barry, Gerald and I went to the Waterfront Golf Course and did 9 holes. I won and no-one paid up!!
Went home, Barry went to Chippy and we enjoyed our lunch.
Played silly game on laptop for rest of afternoon, then went to Morrisons for my Shopping. Had tea, then relaxed for a couple of hours and watched the X Factor with Barry.
Crafted for a short while and assembled Rubber Stamps from Stampin Up. Cut my thumb cleaning sticky stuff from scissors. Wouldn't stop bleeding. Hope that it doesn't drop off. I am playing at Phoenix on Monday with Joan H in their AM-AM with Andy Law and her friend.
Must go now and do another of my card orders or at this rate I will be disapppointing my Card customerrs, and that would never do!
Tally Ho.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Another wet one!! was supposed to be a friendly game of golf at Bawtry, but following discussions with the Golf Club and their Vice Captain, we decided that the weather was not condusive for good golf and have postponed it to another future date (to be decided).
Have made several phone calls to all our Sandhill ladies to advise them that the golf is off. After talking to Ev, she called in and had a quick coffee and a natter with me, after dropping off some handmade cards for the Crafts table for our Coffee Morning event in October.
I am taking the opportunity of a free day to update my blog, finish the ironing - (the ironing basket never seems to actually empty!)and do some of my card orders that I will have to complete before I go on Holiday a week on Saturday.
I got an email from a colleague the other day, asking me "How do you knowyou are on holiday - what makes it any different to the rest of the time??" The facetious beggar!! I am going away from home Pete - that's what makes it different!! I am going to Murcia (Spain) golfing - just for a change - maybe we'll get some decent weather. Here's hoping.
Anyhow what have I done with the rest of the week?? It all seems a blur, but I will try to remember.
Sunday was a lazy day,minimum housework, maximum crafting, usual Sunday dinner cooked - which I might add was absolutely fanbloomintastic - brisket, mash, cabbage, carrots and yorkshire pudding. Could barely move after stuffing my face with that little lot - and I made my own yorkshires (Sorry Aunt Bessie!!)
Was too stuffed to even eat a bit more of my delicious home baked bilberry pie - Mary very kindly picked the bilberries for me, cos I couldn't go bilberry picking with her (probably cos I was golfing!) Thanks Mary - if theres any left you can have a piece!!
Monday was bank holiday, and Barry and I went up to the Golf Club - for a change!- Barry played with the Monday Club fellas and I played with the Monday Club Ladies.
Played quite well and enjoyed the game. Went home and had Sunday Dinner leftovers for tea, but had bilberry pie and custard for afters (didn't eat too much dinner so that I had room for a pudding. Spent a little time in the craft room, then watched TV for a real change!! Then bed.
Tuesday- the day that I had been waiting for! Stampin Up let their demonstrators have a sneak peek at the new Catalogue that is coming out on the 1st of October and a list of soon to be retired stamp sets - which I duly viewed and then sent links to the Customer page of the web site to my crafty friends.
Watch this space for details of my workshop/Open day at the end of September.
Spent quite a bit of time on the website looking at various items and then got ready for Tuesday evening Golf - it was a Rabbnits competition that we ladies were invited to join in on. Half an hour before I was due to set off, the heavens opened, torrential rain, thunder and lightning the lot! Decided not to go (I am a fair weather golfer you know). Anyhow at 4:30 the sun came out, the clouds departed and it looked really nice, so I rushed and got ready and went down to the Club to play.
Several ladies played, some better than others, we did get wet a few times, but plodded on regardless. Jean C won - congratulations! Colette won a tin of Roses chocolates in the raffle, so we made her open them and pass them round -yum yum!
Wednesday was shopping day. (Usually Wednesday is the day when Chris (sis-in-law) and I get together for a little crafting). Went to Barnsley, cos I haven't been for a while. Went on the market and got a fabulous bargain in ribbon. Went in Marks & Spencers and bought two pairs of trousers for golf and a pair of footgloves shoes in the sale - bargains again! Then did the rounds of Poundland and the 99p shop.
Came home and my Starter kit had arrived from Stampin Up, so I quickly unpacked it before I cooked tea for Barry n me. Had a quick look at the goodies - its quite exciting - can'y wait to have a play with it all! Then had to get ready for my Wednesday Class. Maggie (sis) rang me to ask for a special wedding card that she needs for Thursday evening so I started that. Used a Clip Crop Crafts "Vintage Milly" download and made this card

I am really pleased with it.
That brings me bang up to date with today.
I have just taken another phone call from Germany, from Chris at "Stampin' Up", to check that I have received my order. I am well impressed with the back up that I am getting from them. Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well. We'll see.
Well I am going to make some lunch and do a teeny weeny bit of ironing, then have another look at the Stampin Up goodies.
Bye for now!!