Sunday, 8 June 2014

My crafting day with Lexie.

Simon and Kerry had loads of jobs to do around the house and garden today, so Lucas went playing with his friends and Lexie and I have had a girlie day together.
We started off doing a bit of shopping, went home and Lexie baked some buns.
Here they are.......

Lexie used a packet mix, and complained of being short changed - there were only 11 bun cases in the box!
I bet you thought she had eaten one didn't you!

Here's a photo of the chef herself with her creations.
(Notice the missing teeth!  The tooth fairy called on Friday night and left her some money,
which she promptly spent yesterday - on loom bands!)

Speaking of loom Bands -
Lexie showed me how to make a "Fishtail" loom band bracelet after lunch.
She chose to have lunch at - yes you've guessed - McDonalds!
We sat outside and ate our lunch as the sun was shining.  Then we had an ice cream
and went back home.  Lexie then gave me a lesson on how to use the Loom
to make these bracelets.  Lexie herself, uses her fingers - but mine are too big!!
Anyhow, here's my first attempt at a fishtail loom band bracelet and I am quite proud of it!

I think I did really well - what do you think!


  1. Oh Kate, sounds like you and Lexie had a wonderful day together, love the cakes, yum, beautiful picture and the bracelet, well done you, hugs xxx

  2. Love the look of those cakes, and Fab elastic loom bracelet. The two youngest nephews got me into making these bracelets. It's great having jewellery they can happily make. Just changeing the colour combinations makes for a different look. Have fun learning this new technique from your daughter.

  3. Yummy looking cakes Kate and a lovely bracelet. I'm glad you and Lexie had a wonderful girly day x

  4. Sounds like the pair of you had great fun. Bet the buns have all gone by now - well done Lexie, and the bracelet is brilliant - well done Kate! x

  5. Lexie's done a great job with the cakes, They look delicious.....
    These bracelets are all the rage, I didn't know until my 10 year old grandson showed me about 10 bracelets he had made.....
    Lexie also did a good job of teaching you..... Your bracelet is so pretty xxx

  6. Fabulous bracelet and yummy looking cakes Kate.

  7. that looks delicious Kate and a very pretty girl.

    gr karin

  8. Ooh they look delicious - well done Lexie :-)

  9. Oh love the look of those cakes and the bracelet, would you fancy doing a tutorial for the bracelet at some point Kate?! Glad you had such a fab day.


  10. Lexies cakes look very yummy ! sounds like you had a lovely day Kate, and very well done on the bracelet ! x

  11. Sounds like loads of fun great job with the cakes and fabulous bracelet hugs Judith x

  12. Hi Kate, Lexie did a grand job on the cakes they look yummy. Love the Loom Band too. Glad you had a good day together.

    Hugs Erin x

  13. Gorgeous little chef and lovely cupcakes. Looks yummy!

  14. Playing catch up and these look so delicious, a beautiful photograph of Lexie and loving the bracelet too.
    Linda xxx

  15. Those look yummy! Next time invite me over, I wanna lick the bowl, lol!! Cheers, Holley

  16. I think Lexie is a good teacher - can I join her class? Ann x x


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