Saturday, 3 October 2015

I is for I can't think of anything else that begins with the letter I

I am stuck on the letter I, so I will take a break from the alphabet and show you a few of my Christmas projects.  Here I have used the cute Snow  Place stamp set and cut them out with the matching Snow Place framelits -much easier than fussy cutting!!


  1. Hi Kate these are gorgeous tags. Hugs Jackie

  2. I think "I" should be for impressive. These are great Kate. Good to see you back blogging. X

  3. Lovely friendly book marks! I just thought if you turn them sideways would they make I for Igloo?!

    I have a wonderful new way of indexing my stamps - I would like to share it with you and the gang. Buy an A5 folder with see through pockets - mine came from the Range and only £1. Then take out the covers from the stamps and copy them - put them back in and then file the copy in the A5 booklet. It then becomes so easy to find everything by a quick flick through - you know when you are looking just for a certain sentiment and you have no idea which stamp set it came from - just a quick flick through and you have it. It is saving me so much time instead of pulling each stamp set out a little so I can read them. Just put your stamps in alphabetical order in both files. Hope you like this idea. Lots of love Ann and a very Merry Christmas to all. x x

  4. I is for impressive too which your stamps are.


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