Friday, 2 June 2017

Thank you Manchester

This Wednesday, myself and a number of fellow team members from Julie's Jems,
 posted just short of 1,000 thank you cards to the unsung heros of the day from hospitals,
 support staff, ambulance, paramedics, emergency services, etc, who tended
 to the people affected by the tragic events of last week in Manchester.
It was the brainchild of my good friend and Silver Elite twin (whom you will have
 heard me refer to previously), Julie Wade.  Julie investigated where these support workers
 were based and organised our Team as to which hospital/organisation 
we should send our "thank you" cards to.
The intention of this was to let these people know how grateful we all were
 for their part in dealing with the aftermath of the Manchester incident.

I posted 36 cards in total, below are the assortment of designs
 that I sent to three of the hospitals.

This morning myself and other team members received a lovely acknowledgement
 from the Chief Executive from Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, 
where some of our cards were sent to.
So kind of her to take the time to acknowledge.


  1. Such a great idea and sweet cards Kate!

  2. Lovely cards today! Those thank yous are delightful as are the flowers

  3. Wonderful cards Kate and such an amazing thing to do. Thank you from me for showing appreciation for those many unsung heroes xx

  4. A very thoughtful initiative Kate - great cards. Well done to you and your team! Shabneez

  5. Great idea ! Beautiful cards and love the colours.
    Hugs Rose

  6. Hi Kate all your cards are stunning. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  7. Lovely cards and a worthwhile project too

  8. All beautiful cards, Kate and I'm sure they were appreciated, as yours to me years almost 3 years ago was.
    Em xoxox

  9. Fab cards and great idea. Well done. xx Jan

  10. A very thoughtful idea and some lovely cards.

  11. Lovely cards Kate and thank you so much for your contribution ! x


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