Monday, 2 April 2018

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Well as the title says - Happy Easter everyone!

It's just a month exactly since my last posting.  Which is terrible really, however,
if I might explain...
Barry and I went away (with sister and brother-in-law Maggie and Gerald) to Lanzarote in January,
for a six week break in warmer climes!
During this time I had scheduled posts on my blog for the time I was away.

We came home on March 2nd after a long delayed flight, due to the bad weather in the UK.

The following Monday (5th March) Barry was involved in a very bad accident, 
where a fire engine came through a red light at crossroads and sideswiped Barry's car, 
shunting it sideways up the road for some 50 yards.
Needless to say, the car has been deemed a write off, and Barry is lucky to be alive!!
Cars can be replaced!! Barry was lucky to survive this, with internal bruising and more
than a little discomfort and stress to say the least, but at least no broken bones.

So the past few weeks have been spent sorting out everything that needed to be done,
and we now only have the one car, which for the time being we are sharing!

So I am trying now to get back into a normal routine, which is still hampered by the weather!!
I haven't played golf this year - can you believe that!!
So roll on the real Spring weather and warmer temperatures!!
Hope to be seen on a more regular basis now!!

Watch this space.......


  1. Beautiful card, Kate. I'm so sorry you've both been through so much, but thankful for small mercies and will pray for continued healing for both of you... and for time on the course xoxo

  2. Glad to see you back Kate. I did wonder where you had gone. So sorry to hear what has happened to Barry and glad to know he is now on the mend. You never know what is round the corner!
    A sweet card and a Happy Easter to you and the family.

  3. Lovely card and glad to see you are back. Best wellwell wi

  4. A lovely Springtime card Kate. That sounds like a nasty accident, glad your husband is recovering well xx

  5. Hi Kate, welcome back. I love your pretty Spring card. What a rollercoaster year you've had so far, I'm glad Barry is ok and that you are getting back to normal. Cathy xxx

  6. Oh my goodness, glad your husband was OK, must have been very scary though. Hopefully things will settle down and maybe the weather will be good enough for some golf!

    This a lovely Spring card, gorgeous stamp and I love the doily edge. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  7. Beautiful card, shouts spring to me :-) x

  8. Hi Kate this is a stunning card those daffodils are so pretty. I am so sorry to hear about the accident I am very pleased that Barry is okay and that things are starting to settle down. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  9. Beautiful card. Awful to read about the accident but pleased to see he's doing ok xx


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