Friday, 13 November 2009

Last old style posting

Well folks, I am going to redesign my blog and try to make it look a little more business like! So here is the last of the old style postings for you.....
Sunday lunchtime I picked Anne-Marie and Dale up from the trains station at Wombwell and took them up to ours. I started preparing the dinner and Adam and Katy came up to see Anne-Marie. Later on Adam took her to John's place to see him again. We had tea, then relaxed until 7:30 when Barry went and fetched Mag, Ger and Stevie. Adam and Katy came down and we had a select little gathering to celebrate AM's birthday. we had a lovely evening and AM got a little tipsy!!
Monday morning, I droppred AM and Dale off at Hoyland Common whilst I went to Pudsey (is that how you spell it?) I went to Julie's to make a sample board displaying all the colour range of SU papers, markers and inkpads. Julie also showed us how to make a little gift box. Went home and picked AM & D up from Teresa's and then they gathered all their bits up (only 5 bags!!) and I took them back to the train station.
Monday evening I had Thursday Craft Class (because I had an evening do booked for this Thursday) We did the CC scalloped aperture card and once again everyone enjoyed it.
Tuesday morning, went to Keiths early doors (had had a text from Jill saying that they had some Nestabilities in!) and bought a few nesties, then dashed back home for Tuesday Craft Class. Did the same card with them as the Monday Class.
Chris B came over after work, and after a quick tea, we set off for Goole, for my SU training meeting. We had a lovely time, making a couple of cards and a gift box, and Monica very kindly gave us one of her convention swaps - a lovely decorated ruler! Came home very tired, but very happy!
Wednesday, was my turn to go to Christines, and we made a "Magnolia" sat on bauble Christmas card. She loaned me a card that she had made at a workshop so that I could do a class with it (which we did that evening with the Wednesday Class) and I promised to lend Chris my bauble stamp in return. Wednesday Craft class went very well with everyone being well pleased with their "crossover" card.
Thursday morning, I woke up feeling dreadful. I had a really bad head and felt quite sick, was sneezing and coughing, and felt generally unwell. Barry and I had to go to Sheffield for Aunty Renie's funeral, so I dragged myself out of bed to attend this, then left as soon as was decently possible. Barry took me home, and I got undressed and fell asleep whilst he went back to work. Thursday evening there was a Ladies after lodge at Eastgate, so once again, I dragged myself off the sofa and went out. I felt consiferably better for having company, but was glad to get back home and get to bed.
Today, I have picked up Stevie and we have been to Barnsley for a little shop. On the way to Barnsley I was stopped by the police (who were stopping all the vehicles- I might add) for a "winter check" They checked tyres, headlights, brakelights indicators (and I demonstrated that the windscreen wipers worked fine too - by mistake!) They asked when my car had it's MOT done and I said I thought it was August, apparently they could not find a record of it on the computer, so asked me to take my MOT certificate to Wombwell Police station. The policeman did say that he believed me when I said it had a valid certificate, he said I had an honest face!!! I told him that we would be late getting to Barnsley to go to M& S for the latest penny bazaar bargains! When we did get to barnsley, we had to queue up out the door of M&S but did manage to get five things for a penny apiece, plus a donation to charity! After M & S we went to the market cafe and had a cuppa and a bacon butty - mmm that was delish! Then we went round the market, into Boots and poundland (cos I can't resist this) then a couple more shops then back home. We had a drink, picked up the MOT certificate, called at Stevie's and picked up Katie, then set off to do the grocery shopping at Morrisons. We stopped off at Wombwell police station and I produced my MOT for them, then did the shopping and came home. This means that I don't have to go out again tonight, I can just get into my PJs after tea and relax all evening. Benidorm has finished now, so I will miss watching it. Wonder whats on in its place?
Anyway thats all for now, Please keep reading this blog cos it won't all be business - indeed it might turn out totally different- anything could happen!

See ya!

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