Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Where do the days go?

Hi again. On Sunday, what a dismal wet day that was - I went over to Heathers and she took me to Costco so that I knew where it was and what to do. Had my photo taken for my card then we spent some time, me looking round and Heather doing shopping. We did get a real bargain though - 2 chickens priced at £6.49 with 50% off, so you can guess what we've been eating for the past few days!! I have made a chicken in red wine casserole and chicken curry as well as having plain roast chichen on Sunday!! Think that barry's fed up with chicken now - although it is far healthier than red meat! Sunday evening packed up all my stuff and finished the make and take preparation and made Heathers demo thank you card.
Monday, went to Morrisons early doors to get flowers for Heather as a thank you for the workshop. Then over to Jackies for our regular get together. As it was another wet and windy day we didn't go out, we just sat and chatted, catching up with the news. Tom once again prepared us a lovely lunch and for desert we had a super pudding topped with Tom's homemade lavender ice-cream. I can thoroughly recommend this! Back home, Barry's tea made, set off to Heathers for her workshop. Had tea with Heather, John, James,Amy and friend - guess what we had? Yup - chicken - it was delicious and I hadn't had to cook it so it was even more enjoyable.
There were quite a few people turned up for the workshop, and we did have an enjoyable time despite there not being many crafters there, as the sales reflected. Everyone really enjoyed their make and take, it was the first time that a lot of the people had tried stamping, and they were well impressed with the punches. However it was a good evening and I did see Liz and Winnie (ex DV colleagues) and it was good to see them again. Went home and was utterly shattered so flopped on sofa and Barry and i watched Flashforward together, then Corrie, then off to bed.
Tuesday morning, once again a wet and dismal morning, so I didn't venture out until after craft class. We made a Christmas aperture card, which was quite complicated, but everyone managed to complete it and was quite happy with their results. Liz and I went on to the market to see what Keith had to offer. Bought some spray adhesive, but was annoyed that I had not gone earlier when he said that he had had some Christmas nestabilities that morning, but they had all (obviously) been sold. That'll teach me to get out and about early never mind the weather! Back home Liz and I both relaxed with a sandwich and a well earned cuppa and I enjoyed hearing all about her recent holiday in Brazil (She's been away for 3 weeks the lucky thing!)
Last night Jane came down to spend the evening with me so we had a relaxing evening, catching up on all the news, and I showed her the tri shutter card, which she made (with the use of the SU guillotine ) and was well impressed with how easy it was, and how quick to make the card. She was thrilled with the card and it really was beautiful - all lilac and pink and flowery - just my sort of card. Went to bed not long after Jane had left - quite an early night really.
Today I have the day to myself - can't decide whther or not to go to the Heritage Centre or not - I'll only spend if I go. I have to put inserts in three cards that Nicky is collecting this evening so I had better go and do this now whilst I remember.
See ya!

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