Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lynda's little notebook

Hello everyone. What a busy two days I have just had. I had my birthday bash on Friday night, so most of the day was taken up with decorating the tables and the room up at the Masonic Hall. We ran out of Helium for the balloons, so Barry had to shoot up to Leeds after lunch and collect another bottle. The night began at 7:00 and ended around 12:30 and there were 100 guests there so it was a hectic night. It was wonderful to see everyone there, and if I missed talking to anyone, I do apologise, but I think I got round everyone. I even got a little time to do a bit of old time ballroom dancing with my Barry - which he actually enjoyed! Thanks everyone for coming along and helping me celebrate my 60th Birthday, thanks for all the cards and the gifts, but having friends and family round me meant far far more than any gift, so once again heartfelt thanks.
Yesterday, despite being completely shattered, Barry and I played golf in the morning, had an afternoon nap then went out in the evening to the Masonic Hall again - but this time for a Ladies evening. It was lovely just to sit there and be a guest this time. We had a lovely evening, but left early at 11:00 as I was falling asleep and I was driving.
So back to reality again. I have to get down to some serious crafting as I have oodles of swaps to make ready for Convention in 3 weeks time!
Meantime here is a piccie of my good friend Lynda's little notebook that she brought to the Training event in Manchester. She was kind enough to send me the instructions so that I can do this project with my crafting ladies - I think its beautiful.


  1. Thanks Kate for the message. Sounds like you had a fab time!
    Notebook is lovely - ideal little pressie !
    Julie x

  2. Lovely book Kate and so glad you had a fab night!!!! Cant wait for our convention road trip!!


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