Wednesday, 23 March 2011

For me

Hi all, today I have received two lovely surprises.
This morning I went over to sis-in-law Chris's and she presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers in my fave colours, then when I got home there was a note from the postie saying where he had left a parcel for me. I opened this and it was two fab stamp sets from my lovely SU mummy Julie, for my Sale-a-bration successess. (In case I haven't bored you with the news already, I got the most recruits (4) during SAB and I got my promotion to Silver 1!!
This is the accompanying card that Julie sent "For me"

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  1. Whoop whoop Kate! lovely card isn't it?? Well done on the most recruits tho, and tell me, which sets did you go for in the end?
    Hugs xxx


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