Wednesday, 11 March 2015

E is for Eggcraft

I have long been a fan of Faberge eggs, and many years ago my brother bought me 
a hand crafted decorated egg with a timepiece inside as a special Christmas gift.
The following year he bought me another similar decorated egg.
A short while after this, I saw an Eggcrafting class advertised on one of our
local schools Night Class schedules, and thus started one of my past hobbies.
I went to classes for a few years, joined the Eggcrafters' Guild and for some 10 years
this was one of my main hobbies. (Remember I worked full time until recently,
and they were very time consuming to make).

Here are a few of my favourites.

This one is inspired by Faberge himself

Closed front view

Open front view

Open Side view

The next one utilises eggs that have suffered "accidents"
you can see that the girl's skirt is made from the bottom half of an egg -
I assume that the top half was broken at some stage.
Always a great one for "waste not want not" - this was then transformed
with the addition of quilled body, arms head and flowers,
into a pretty little bridesmaid.

This one is an egg that I made for my mother-in-law (sadly deceased - so now back in my custody!)
the top is cut and the see through panels are chiffon.
Inside there is a platform, enabling this to be used as a jewellery box.
Sadly, the glue has deteriorated over the years and so I daren't open it to photograph
for fear of breaking the egg in doing so!

Another little lady made from a mishap!!

This next one features decoupaged flowers and greenery.
I recall that it took 6 hours to cut them out!
Truly a labour of love!

Top view

Front view

Side view
All the eggs used above are goose eggs, blown, disinfected, hand cut
and then decorated in different mediums.
You may find it interesting to note that the first egg featured here was made 
using the following, very basic, list of tools.
A Junior Hacksaw blade - for cutting the egg ( in later years I bought a miniature
electric drill with a circular saw attachment")
A craft knife - used to cut the membrane inside the egg.
An elastic band - used for drawing cutting lines on an egg,
the band clings to the egg and was most useful for this purpose.
Again, in later years I bought sophisticated tools for marking out patterns on eggs.

Sadly, I now no longer have the patience, nor the standard of eyesight required
to do this hobby any more. I do talks to various local WI groups on Eggcrafting
and take along my precious cargo of eggs, and the talks are very well received.
Hope that you have enjoyed this diversion from card marking!


  1. Wow! how fabulous,you clever lady! My late husband bought me one when we were going out together many moons ago. Unfortunately, I put it on the window sill and the sun bleached some of the colour out - the little clasp has broken too, but I can't part with it, it is too precious xx

  2. wow Kate this are stunning fab work you did, love it.
    Gr Karin

  3. These are stunning Kate, what a very talented lady you are! I love these eggs and my favourite is the last one with the gorgeous flowers.
    Linda xxx

  4. Oh wow Kate all your creations are absolutely gorgeous. You are very talented. I don't know how you found time to make these when you were working. Hugs Jackie

  5. These are all so beautiful Kate, you are so talented. I'm amazed at all the gorgeous details x

  6. Exquisite creations. Such beautiful work and a complete joy to view. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow they are truly amazing, you are so talented. Chris xx

  8. Oh these are amazing .. Clever lady, Px

  9. wow they are wonderful thanks for showing them

  10. Oh my Kate wonderful creations xx Jan

  11. OMG!! These are truly amazing ..... Aren't you a clever sausage 😜 x I'm in awe they are stunning xx

  12. I am truly gobsmacked at these they are so amazing. X

  13. Wow, stunning works. what a lovely hobby as well

  14. Fascinating, those eggs are stunning especially the first one. Great collection and thanks for sharing with us. Hugs Jennifer xx

  15. Just had to come and visit
    Such amazing talent Kate
    These are just exquisite

  16. Good morning Kate, Wow these are stunning. It must take hour's to do but the results are just gorgeous.

    Chrissy xx

  17. Wow Kate... These are Fabulous... You clever ( and very patient!) girl!

  18. Oh WOW, Kate, these are utterly amazing, how clever you are my friend xxx

  19. Wow, these are stunning! You must have the patience of a saint to do this, they are amazing :)

  20. Such patience to do these eggs - Ann x x


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