Saturday, 31 October 2009

Golf again.

Well Ashley and i had a fabulous, if somewhat exhausting walk on Thursday. She drove us to South Cave and then we commenced an 8 mile (ish) walk, It was quite strenuous as there was quite a bit of uphill hauls. Just after halfway we decided to have lunch, but couldn't find a bench to sit on, so we both sat perched on stones. and ate home made bread, homemade leek apple and smoked bacon soup, followed by Ashley's famous muesli slice. Yummy - almost worth the walk!! 100 yards on, after setting off again, we happenned across a bench - would you believe it! Anyway we carried on and enjoyed the walk on that fabulous autumn afternoon, couldn't believe how warm it was. By the time we had driven back to Ashleys, then had a cup of tea and driven home, Barry had already got home and made his own tea - so that saved me a job! Prepped the cards for the Thursday craft class, everyone came that night and we made the beautiful bauble card again - even bah humbug Chris loved it!!(My apologies to Chris)
Friday morning was catch up with the housework day. Did 3 loads of washing (where does it all come from??) and dried most of it on the radiators as it didn't look too promising and I wanted to go shopping to Barnsley, so daren't leave washing out. Didn't spend a fortune in Barnsley, but did buy 5 rolls of ribbon (about 100 metres on each roll) for £1 each! Barry fetched fish and chips in for tea then Barry took Steve shopping and I fetched him back. I then settled down in the craft room to watch Corrie and Eastenders, whilst sorting out the monthly SU order for our craft group. At 9:00 o'clock I joined Barry in the lounge to watch the weekly episode of Benidorm - its hilarious. After that I went to bed, completed a Sudoku puzzle then off to sleep.
Golf this morning, bright and early, once again it was a beautiful morning. Played the front 9 excellently - a net 48, then my game went downhill steadily on the back 9. In fact I had to leave the course in a hurry after the 16th to pay a visit! Went on to the market to pick up some black card I had ordered off Keith then back home for a late lunch. I am now going to sort out a make and take for Heather's SU workshop on Monday night - I won't have time in the daytime as I am over at Jackie's on Monday.
Thats all for now!

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