Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Clip Crop Crafts samples

Here are some samples that I've put together for CCC - different again from SU, but I am quite pleased with them.
Has a crisis this afternoon - went to get some card from my shelves, only to find that the card on the bottom shelf was wet - yes WET. Moved the shelves, and the bookcase that stood on top - a feat in itself cos there was a great amount of stash here. Took me over an hour just to shift the stash. After moving the shelf and book-case discovered water streaming down the wall. Panic Stations , wasn't quite sure what was causing it. When Barry came home he discovered that the downpipe from the flat roof of the craftroom had frozen solid and water was running off and under the roof, and as the pipe was blocked, it had found its way through a gap in the mortar and was seeping into the room. We boiled lots of water and Barry defrosted the downpipe, allowing the water from the roof to drain away safely. Then I spent hours doing mopping up operations. Consequently I have not been able to make any more SU sale-a-bration samples, thats why I posted the CCC samples instead.
Don't know what will happen tomorrow, the craft room is in a state with stash everywhere and if the weather is kind, my Tuesday class will be here at 11.30. Better get off to bed now and then get up early to sort out room tomorrow!

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