Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Lady Captain's Drive In Cards

Here is a sample of what Christine (sis-in-law) and I have been doing for most of the day today. I got up bright and early and stamped 3 dozen or so of this cute little golfer and dressed her all in pink! Then we spent most of the day colouring in and matting and layering and sticking ribbon on these cards. We got time off for good behaviour just before lunch when we went down to Wath market and spent a few pennies on Keith's stall. It was good to see Keith and Jill as I haven't been to the market for weeks(deliberately!), I have been spending far too much money, and have no room to store any more goodies!! Jill fetched Chris and myself a coffee and we had a good time catching up on the news as well as seeing what new stuff they had.
Chris found some Decoupage VW motorhomes card and will be making cards using this for Heather and Matt (they have a VW motorhome)
We then went back home and had a light lunch followed by Chris's lovely light lemon sponge cake (yum yum) washed down by another cuppa, then back to the grindstone to get the rest of the cards done.
Have still got to put the inserts in, but that can wait until tomorrow.
What do you think to her?

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