Friday, 14 May 2010

Thank you

Hello everyone.
Can I first of all thank everyone for their kind wishes, beautiful cards, flowers and thoughts and prayers for my family and me on the loss of my beloved brother Stevie.
I just wanted to update people so that you know what's happening over the next week.
Because of the circumstances of his death, we cannot have the funeral until next Thursday (20th). There will be service, celebtrating his life, at Hoyland Methodist Church at 2:15 p.m. followed by interment at Kirk Balk Cemetary at 3:00 p.m. Everyone is then welcome to come for refreshments to Hoyland Catholic Social Club.
There is much to do that cannot be done until next week, but in the meantime, the family has been kept busy sorting out the house, which has to be vacated by a week on Monday and most of the work has now been done here.
We are all having the weekend off now and we will carry on next week.
Tomorrow is my great-nephew Ethan's birthday and Maggie and I are going over there in the afternoon with his cards and pressies. Sunday and Monday Barry and me, Maggie and Gerald have decided that we are going to go to Belton Woods with the Monday Club golfing (although Maggie will just walk the course whilst we three actually play). Am not sure what the standard of golf will be like, but at least it will hopefully be a relaxing distraction for the four of us. Anne-Marie (baby sister) is returning to Manchester for the weekend and Chris and Jane are holding the fort until we all get back together Monday evening/Tuesday morning for the second wave of action.
I am going to try and do a bit of crafting tonight to keep me occupied, so if I manage to get anything done, I will post it later.
So for now I will sign off and talk to you later.

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