Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eva's birthday.

Chris (sis-in-law) has been over today for our crafting get-together and boy have we been busy.
Only one coffee break and a quick break for lunch!!
Chris has been making a card for her Grand-daughter Eva Lily who will be 2 on the 30th 
whilst I have been making the same card for my Great Niece (Sister Maggie's Grand-daughter)
who is also called Eva Lily and who is 2 on the 29th!!
We couldn't believe the coincidence when they were born a day apart and to be given the same names -
what are the chances of that??
Anyway - here is the outside of my card.

I can't decide whether to personalise it and put a 2 on it at the moment -
I think that it's busy enough.  What do you think?
Chris and I have thoroughly enjoyed making this card -
it's all punch art, although some bits are cut free hand.
We used a pattern from the internet and I will pop back later and put a link in here
 to the place where you can buy the pattern from, if you wish to have a go yourself.

Come back tomorrow, and I may just have finished the inside by then,
so you will be able to see what that looks like - it's certainly worth a return visit, believe me!


  1. How sweet, Kate....perfect for a two-yr old xx

  2. So cute love the bear.

  3. What a lovely card, it's great how it is but if you wanted a number on it I think a really tiny 2 on the star wand wouldn't be too busy? Can't believe they both have same names and a day apart lol

    1. Great idea Zoe - think I'll do that!

  4. Fabulous card,what a great

  5. Soooo cute :). As Zoe says a small two on her wand or perhaps her crown?????

  6. Gorgeous card for a 2 year old Kate and yes i agree a small 2 on the star xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. A cute little card for a two year old x

  8. wow wow wow it is fabulous and i love it, sooooooooooooooooo cute xxxx


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