Sunday, 4 November 2012

Home from Convention !

Hello everyone - I am now back from a fabulous trip to Mainz, Germany,
where I have spent the last three days in the company of a wonderful group of people
at the Stampin Up 2012 European Convention.

There were ten of us attended from the Stampin Up team that I belong to - Julies Jems,
and we have had a fantastic time together with  demonstrators from Germany France and the UK.
(700 of us in total)
 I have lots of superb things to share with you, however, since getting home 
just after midnight, I have developed a streaming cold and am feeling thoroughly miserable,
Consequently I  am afraid that you will have to wait to see all the goodies and
hear all the news that I have brought back with me. 

One piece of exciting news that I can share with you before I get back off to my sickbed is
that next year's Convention will be held in MANCHESTER!!!  Woo woo!!


  1. Will be great to share manchester with you!
    Debbi x

  2. Oh sweetie, you get well soon, sending hugs xxxx


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