Sunday, 18 November 2012

Paper Bauble Tutorial

As promised here are the instructions for making the paper bauble.
You will need:
Bakers Twine
2 small brads
Snowflake or other paper ornament to hang in the centre of the bauble.
2 scraps of double sided patterned paper (min size 6cm wide x approx 15cm length)

Cut each 6cm wide piece into 4 strips each measuring 1.5 cm .

Place the strips on top of each other, alternating the patterns.
Make a hole at the top and bottom of the strips.
insert a brad into one end .

Thread the ornament /snowflake onto the Bakers Twine, 

then thread 
both ends of the twine through the other hole.
(Make sure that the thread isn't too long - you want your ornament to dangle inside the bauble!)

Insert the brad through the centre point of your length of ribbon, then through the hole and fasten.

Tie the ribbon into a bow, then fan out each strip until you get your bauble shape.
Make sure that you have the ornament on the INSIDE of your bauble when you start to fan it out
- it doesn't look right on the outside!!

There you have it - baubles at minimum cost from scraps of DSP! 


  1. fantastic tutorial thank you kate xx

  2. Fantastic and thank you for sharing.

    Linda xxx

  3. beautiful kate me me me make it please prob see you wednesday
    beryl xx

  4. Fab tutorial Kate,thanks for

  5. Great tutorial, will be having a go of this with Megan and Makenzy x

  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing that technique, it's so easy when you see it like this! Xx

  7. Thank you so much for the tutorial, as Zoe said, it's so easy when you see it step by step x

  8. Hi Kate, a fab tutorial, thank you and it looks amazing when completed

  9. OMG this is amazing i got to try. thank you xx

  10. Brilliant, might give this a try xx

  11. This is amazing Kate. Striking colours and wonderfully simple (perhaps hehe !!!!) to create.


  12. hi kate its great and made one , so far , just in between making my cards , xx

  13. wow that is fabulous and what great step by step photos FABULOUS xxx


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