Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Craft Class Cancelled

Oh what a beautiful morning! It really is a Winter wonderland outside and I am snug and warm inside, but because of the weather I have had to cancel my Tuesday Class (and will probably have to do the same tomorrow and Thursday!)
I am supposed to be having a carpet for my dining room fitted today. I am not holding my breath as I sit and wait - the carpet company phoned me yesterday to advise me that they may not be able to fit it today. It will all depend how many fitters can actually get in to work whether or not they can then get out to me.
OMG! If you just saw the house at this moment in time. The conservatory has all the corner units, wall units, sideboard, dining table and 6 chairs in it - this is as well as the furniture thats already in there! The spare bedroom has all the drawers from the units on the bed, plus various pictures, ornaments etc. The Utilityy room has not an inch of space on the worktops as all my crockery and glasses, plus all the booze that was in the units are now stashed away in boxes in there!
All in all, I could really do with the carpet fitters coming today as I am getting more stressed by the minute!!
On a calmer note though, the dining room will look beautiful when its done as I have had it redecorated and washed the curtains, so everything will be clean and fresh for Christmas.
P.S. The Lounge carpet should arrive next Monday.

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