Sunday, 5 December 2010

Craft Room Blues

Just as I thought everything was going so well.......
I have had my dining room redecorated and a new carpet fitted - the carpet fitters made it on Tuesday through the snow and it looks a treat. Got the new curtains up yesterday.
I have had my lounge redecorated and the carpet should be fitted tomorrow - weather permitting.
Also tomorrow I am having the hall stairs and landing measured for new carpet which I hope will be fitted late next week.
On Tuesday B&Q should deliver seven new internal doors for downstairs and on Wednesday a joiner is coming to fit them.
Also on Wednesday the decorators are coming to redecorate the hall stairs and landing. They will be with me for 3 days, possibly 4 as they are also painting the ceilings for me in the kitchen and bathroom and decorating the lobby.
Yesterday I did the gloss on the skirting in the Conservatory and the first coat of emulsion on the walls. Today I was going to carry on when I discovered that the wall in the craftroom was wet again!! The same one that I had the problem with at the beginning of the year when it snowed. I could have cried. Well I did actually. So I had to shift all the stuff from the units on that wall and start mopping up operations. Its certainly not as bad as last time but has caused chaos nonetheless.
Barry had done a couple of trips to the tip with the old dining room and lounge carpets and underlay plus a few sacks of domestic rubbish. (Our wheelie bin was full and was not emptied this week cos of the weather)
We had emptied the lounge of everything except the two settees- most of the stuff has been put into my beautiful dining room and once again the house is in turmoil.
I had just been thinking how well things were going as well.
Anyhow, not to be too depressed about the whole thing, we went out and bought new curtains and cushions for the lounge and that cheered me up a little. We picked up baby sis Anne-Marie on the way home, to help us move a settee out of the lounge, then I made dinner whilst Barry took her back home.
I am now sat in bed, updating my blog and watching tele - as the lounge is not very welcoming with just the settee in it and bare floors!
Tomorrow evening at this time, hopefully order will be restored in the dining room, conservatory and lounge. The craft room will still be a mess, but I will have to wait for that to be dealt with later as we have a full schedule for the rest of this week.
I will have to cancel this weeks classes as there is no way we can have a class as things are.
I have however just read Becki's blog and my problems seem quite trivial as I read about the traumas that Becki had yesterday on her birthday no less!!. I can empathise with you and hope that you get everything sorted Becki.
Meantime, I am going to play silly games on the laptop and watch a little television before turning in for the night. Things should get better tomorrow - fingers crossed.

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