Friday, 15 April 2011

Punched Owl book marks

Hi everyone.
Tomorrow morning I am doing my bit for the Mexbro' Lions and making Easter themed items with the children.
One of the things we will be making are punched Owl bookmarks. (Got the idea from my SU mummy Julie's Newsletter).
Because the kids ages range from 3 upwards, I felt it safest to punch the owls and the waistcoats and the scallop circles. The kids will glue them all together, add the googly eyes and stick them onto the sticks. Its a good way of using up all the scraps that we loathe throwing away!
My friend Sue was going to come along and help, but she has thrown herself off her pushbike and fractured her elbow. She could have just said that she was busy! (We are looking on ebay for a set of stabilizers for her)


  1. I'm doing these as M&Ts at a craft fair tomorrow as well!

  2. The kids are going to love making these! So cute!


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