Friday, 9 April 2010

Countdown to NEW COLOUR collection

SU have announced that from October, we are going to have a new and different range of colours, that will be the same worldwide, so we will have the same colours as they have in the US - and how many times have you looked at some of their colours and thought "Wish we had that one over here!"?
The new colour palette is organized into four collections: Subtles, Brights, Regals, and Neutrals. You will see 25 of the current colours remaining, and fifteen new colours will be added to the core colour lines.
Several new "In Colours" will be introduced and similarly we will lose some of the existing ones.
Check the colour charts to see what the new collections look like, and what colours will be retiring.
Don't worry if some of your favourite colours are going - you have 6 months to get hold of them all!

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