Friday, 23 April 2010


Well what have I been doing for the last two days?
Yesterday was a trip to Pontefract Golf Club with Jan, Joan and Glynis. We had a very good round of golf, with Jan having a score of 40+ (can't remember exactly what)
Then we came home about 6 o'clock, then it was craft class.
Today I went to the hairdressers and then went walking with Ash. It was a great day for walking and it was lovely to see Ash - we haven't managed to get together for a walk this year until today! We parked up by the Blue Bell then walked round the lake and by the waterfront tight up to the Wetlands and back again. Then we went for lunch in the Blue Bell and really enjoyed it. Off to Aldi then to have a quick shop, then back home again. As you may have gathered I haven't had time to make any cards again today, so I will make up for it over the weekend (after golf of course).

See you soon x

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