Friday, 10 December 2010

And there's more.........

Woe is me!!
You know that I have got the decorators in at the moment. Well I had a nightmare day on Wednesday when the joiner came and fitted 7 doors. I had a house covered in sawdust!
The joiner didn't put a single dustsheet down and was merrily planing doors everywhere and I had wood shavings and sawdust on my lovely new carpets which had only been fitted last Tuesday and this Monday! I wept after he had gone home. Yesterday I spent hours sweeping up all the sawdust - there must have been 6" of sawdust on the conservatory floor where he had done most of the cutting. There was also the same amount of sawdust outside the front door which was being walked in every time he came in.
Anyway that was another day.
This morning I awoke bright and early - well it was still dark - about 6:20 - only to find that we had a power cut! Luckily I have a gas hob, so i was able to have a hot drink. The decorators came at 8:30 and have done their best working in the hall without light - but at 2:00 I phoned to check when the power would be back on. I had to use the decorator's mobile, cos my mobile battery was flat! I was told that if we were lucky we might get the power on at 4:00 p.m. today, otherwise it would be 8 o'clock tonight.
At this moment in time I am sat at baby sisters house, where it's lovely and warm, drinking her coffee, using her electricity to charge up my mobile phone, and using her internet to send emails and update my blog!!
Think I must have inadvertently killed a robin!
Hey ho!

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