Saturday, 11 December 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel at last

Well - after 30hours with no electricity, therefore no heating, lighting, hot water, and most serious of all - no internet and no telephone, we now have power restored. Its been back on fully for about 15 minutes now and I am sat here in dressing gown and slippers, waiting for the house to warm up. Even now we don't know whether the fault has been found, or whether we are merely connected to a generator, in fact as I have tried to write this the power has been cutting after only a few minutes at a time. I am keeping my fingers crossed
Yesterday evening Barry and I dined out, then spent the rest of the evening at sister's (Maggie's) house with her and Gerald and we had a very pleasant evening. At 11 o'clock when we came home, we asked the workmen how things were progressing, only to be told that they had not yet found the fault - afterthat we just went home to bed.
I spent my time quite industriously this morning til the power has come back on and made 20 Christmas cards, I will post a piccie when I have stuck the ribbons on.

Oh well - had better make the most of the power whilst we have it. Talk to you all soon.

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