Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Christmas Eve is my Wedding Anniversary and what a day it turned out to be.
Simon, Kerry and the kids were coming for the evening as were my two sisters with their respective hubby/partner and my nephew with his fiance were expected.
I found out about 5:45 that the central heating wasn't working and that I had no hot water. Barry spoke to someone on the telephone helpline, and after some testing, he was advised that our 2 year old condensing boiler needed a part AND that they would not be able to get a part until Wednesday because of the holiday. I was mortified to say the least - what else can possibly go wrong this year?
Not to be defeated, we set up a couple of oil filled radiators and a fan heater and made the best of the evening. We had a great time playing on the Wii doing the dancing games and Lexie and Lucas wren't the only ones who had a funfilled evening!
Yesterday morning we had a lie in, opened pressies and after going to see the grandkids, took ourselves and Janice over to Christine's for Christmas dinner. We met new great niece Eva Lily for the first time too and spent a pleasant few hours there. Back home we sat in the lounge with the heater turned up high and sat and watched soaps, then off to bed. At least it was warm in there.
Today we have spent most of the day huddled up in the lounge in our jim-jams and dressing gowns, watching old films.
What will tomorrow bring I wonder?

See ya all soon!

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  1. Oh Kate, I hope your house starts to behave soon! Good on you for getting through it all with a smile though! And it's a good excuse to cuddle together and do nothing!


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