Saturday, 11 February 2012

My friend

I have a confession to make.
Chris, our new friend Lyn and I, each made a card using the hello sentiment from the My Friend stampset along with the Charming stamp set last Friday.
I was going to post the card that I made , but I noticed that I had smudged my butterfly - so until I get the chance to redo it, you will just have to look at Chris's. (If you are a Facebook fan you may have seen Lyn's already as she really loved it.)
It was cased from the internet, but I am not sure whose blog it came from - if it's yours, please let me know so that I can credit you with it's design.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, just love the color. Look forward to seeing your card too xx

  2. Its simplicity is its charm and the colours are very complimentary to the design

  3. Gorgeous card, looking forward to seeing yours. Chris xx

  4. Beautiful card and I love the colours. Can't wait to seeing yours too.

    Linda xxx

  5. thank you kate it was a beautiful afternoon.I love this card xx

  6. lovely card love the colour. I have followed you. xx


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