Monday, 14 July 2014

New Annual Catalogue launch

Well it's here at last!  The launch of the new Annual catalogue, packed full of goodies, some old , some new,
but plenty for everyone. To view the catalogue, simply click on the picture of the catalogue in the side bar.
Grab yourself a coffee, put your feet up and browse away!!


  1. I will keep this browser open, Kate, I hope to give you an order my friend, I have no Stampin Up, goodies yet, must sort that out, as I do adore the cards you make, hugs xxx

  2. I have to have a look! I see so many things you've used that I no....I NEED!!!!

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

  3. I'll try to have a look soon Kate! Not sure I can fit any more stash in my room but hey, a girls needs her paper!
    Dawn xx

  4. Oooah! Aw! Mmmm! Oops! Shamalam! Dipsy! Cool! NNNN! I opened it!! Ann x x

  5. It's a great catalog! Wonderful ideas!


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