Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pop Up Box Card - instructions and sizes.

Quite a few people have asked for the dimensions of the rectangular pop up box -
so here they are.

You only need one sheet of A4 card to make the box, the dividers and you can 
actually punch all your flowers from what's left if you use the same design as me.
With your piece of A5 card Portrait, cut at 10.5 cms and score this piece, again portrait, at 5 cms.
Turn the card sideways, so it is now Landscape and score as follows:
at 10, 14, 24 and 28 cms.
Snip down the 5 cm panels to the score line and cut out the small end piece.
Glue the 5.5 cm panels together to form your box.
To make the dividers - cut  2,   2cm wide pieces of cardstock 12 cms long (from the remaining card)
score each end of these pieces at 1 cm - these are then folded and glued to the side panels of the box.

I have a diagram showing the cutting and folding plan, but it's too dark to get a good picture of it now,
so I'll photograph it tomorrow and add it to this post.

Hope that this was useful.


  1. Thanks for the instructions.
    Linda xxx

  2. Very kind of you to give us instructions Kate x

  3. Fabulous instructions Kate, thank you for sharing, I will give this a go my lovely xxx

  4. Morning Kate and thank you so much hugs Judith x

  5. Thank you for sharing Kate.

  6. Thanks for the instructions Kate, I look forward to trying this version :)

    Em x
    Creative Em


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