Saturday, 3 October 2009

What a windy morning.

Thursday morning paid a quick visit to the catalogue shop to try on two evening dresses that I had seen there when I went with Ash on Wednesday. Bought them both - a fiver each!! They were £80 in the catalogue!! What a bargain - I shall wear one of them Saturday night for Ladies night at Silkstone. It was Jackies turn to come to me on Thursday and whilst the weather is kind we like to visit different places. We paid a visit to Wentworth Castle gardens. It was a beautiful day, extremely warm and the gardens were fabulous, especially the dahlias. We saw the conservatory which has received some sort of funding in order to renovate it - looks as though they are gonna have to look sharp and get the work done or there won't be anything left to restore - its in a real sorry state. Can imagine it looking fantastic when it is restored to it's former glory though. We had a leisurely stroll around the gardens, then had a rather late lunch then back home.
Had a great surprise at 4:00 o'clock - the Stampin Up stuff arrived! Spent time sorting everyones orders out, but had to break off to make Barrys tea, then sorted most of the rest. Craft class went well, we made an explosion card with a cute smirk on the front. When everyone had gone home I got all the things together for Friday's coffee morning at the golf club.
Friday morning, at the golf club bright and early (9:30 ready for a 10:30 start). The coffee morning went really well, don't know how much money we raised, but I took £50 on my Card Make and Take stall in the hour and a half - we finished at 12:00 midday. It was the first time that the Ladies have done this, but I think it must have been a real success. Don't know how much we raised in total, I'll let you know when I find out. Chris (G) came with her friend Wendy, and when we had finished we went back to ours for lunch. We then went to Hoyland and paid a visit to the catalogue shop (again). I tried another evening dress on but didn't buy it, and Chris bought a jumper. Took Stevie shopping earlier than usual, cos we had to get back early as we were all going to Jade Palace for a meal to Celebrate Maggie and Ger's Wedding Anniversary.
Ten of us went - Maggie n Ger, me n Barry, Steve,Emma n Tony and Stephen, Sarah and Ethan went. Stephen and Sarah announed that they are getting married on 7th November - at Gretna Green! They will be having a family celebration closer to home on the 14th.
We came home, I watched Corrie then went to bed - too tired to even watch the second episode!!
This morning it's a blustery day and I am still having pain walking - I have a poorly foot and its quite sore, so I think I will give golf a miss and get the ironing done instead. (At least I can keep having a rest at home - can't do that on the golf course!)
Tonight we are off to a ladies night and I shall be wearing my new frock! Looking forward to it. If I get time I will post links to Simons Saturday Surprise Magnolia Blog candy on Bev's blog. Talk to u later.

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