Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Saturday was a lovely day - even though it rained! I had a quick lunch then went to the market and bought some supplies from Keith. Met two friends there - Tonia from DV and good friend Heather. Helped Heather choose supplies for her craft stand in the P.O., then I was bamboozled into going to Penistone with her, to see an Embroiderers Guild exhibition there. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it - there were some beautiful items on display. I bought some lace sugar bowl covers and the usual mandatory raffle tickets- can't have won anything though as I haven't had a phone call!! Had a cuppa and a piece of lovely home baked cake - was tempted by the cakes and bought some to take home!. When I got home, I decided to go to Tesco and have a leisurely shop. Bought a polo neck jumper (for golf), a dress, four t-shirts for Barry and a green cardigan - as well as a load more groceries, even though I had been shopping with Stevie the night before!! After a late tea cum supper, I decided to tidy up the craft room as I couldn't find something I was looking for! (Does that sound familiar?). Then off to bed.
Sunday morning, got up bright and not too early- checked emails etc and had breakfast, put television on and couldn't understand why the program listings were strange. I had only totally forgotten to put the clocks back hadn't I! Another CRAFT moment! (For those not in the know - can't remember a flipping thing). I phoned up brother and bent his ear for not ringing me up to confirm that it was this weekend that we put the clocks back - we had had a conversation on Friday about whether it was this weekend!
Had a general tidy up and put away clean laundry after ironing. Watched a little televison and played silly computer games, then decided to have something to eat - well a woman has to eat doesn't she! Barry arrived home around 7:00 p.m from his golfing weekend, didn't have to cook for him as he had eaten after golf.
Prepared make and takes for Christine's SU workshop on Wednesday, then made two cards, one was a card order for Nicky, the other for a SU colleague, then finished the last of the card samples for CCC ready to post on Monday.
Monday - was golf with the Monday Club at 10:00 - played with Ann and Ev, only did 11 holes as I had a new appointment for a facial at Classique at 1:30. Parcelled up samples for CCC and took them to Post Office. Had tea then played silly game on computer before having a pre-arranged on-line chat with my SU colleagues Julies Jems. There were only five of us, but it was nice to talk to them and get to know a little about them all. We talked about the upcoming special offer for Christmas and how to promote it, also about Julies upcoming role in Footloose (performing in May next year) Made arrangements to meet up with Sarah and Julie in Leeds after Julie gets back from the SU Convention in Germany, and also arranged to go to one of Julies card classes in November. After we all signed off I joined Barry in the lounge and we watched Flash Forward together - it's getting quite tense now!!
Have got up this morning and its dull and miserable, so I don't feel like doing Step, Gym or Aquarobics, so I think I will give them a miss today. Instead, I'll go and get everything ready for my craft class then perhaps pop on to the market to see if Keith has anything new to tempt me with.

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