Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Where has the week gone!!

I can't believe that its Wednesday night already.
Sunday I had a really lazy day - did swim and gym first thing.then did minimal house-work, but did the washing - more ironing to do!! I ordered a new dishwasher on-line from Argos, the handle has broken on the current one and my worry is that I won't be able to open the door and get to my crockery one of these days so I have bitten the bullet and ordered a new one. It will be delivered on Friday between 10 and 2.
Monday was golf with the Monday Club. We played behind a society, so once again the play was very slow, so we came off after 11 holes and had a sandwich and cuppa at the golf club then went home. Cooked dinner for Barry and me - lamb chops that were tough as old boots so didn't enjoy that at all. Committee meeting at Golf Club at 7 o'clock. Didn't finish until gone 10, so was late home and completely shattered. Watched Emmerdale and Corrie then went to bed.
Tuesday did my very first "Step" Class - really enjoyed it and to my amazement was pleasantly surprised at my ability to do this. Only thing that let me down was my memory!! I couldn't remember the order of the routines. Technically I could carry them out, I just couldn't remember what bits went where!! Did Aquarobics after the Step Class - was quite easy peasy after doing Step! Had a quick shower and changed, then dashed off home for Tuesday lunchtime Craft Class. Today we did a Tri Shutter Christmas card - or at least we started it. The ladies have taken their bits home to do as homework and will bring back next week to embellish.
Cooked a Chicken and Mushroom Curry for tea - was a bit hot for my taste, but was absolutely starving so ate it anyhow! Quick change again then off to Thurnscoe to The Little Theatre to see Double Cut. Met up with Janet and Steph from DV, Heather was there also. Nicky was playing Carlos, a Spanish manservant this time - he looked quite the part! As per usual, we really enjoyed the play and will be going to their next production in the new year.
Today was "Cousins Day". Christine (Barry's sister), Josie (Barry's Cousin) and I went up to Leeds to meet up with Susan (another of Barry's cousins - from Middlesbro). Chris picked Josie up and drove through to ours. Then I drove all three of us to Leeds. We parked up and then walked up to M & S where we met up with Susan and spent a good hour in the restaurant over coffee, catching up with events since the last get-together. Spent a little time shopping then went to Wetherspoons for a leisurely lunch. Then walked down to the markets where we parted company with Josie and Susan who were catching the bus - Josie to her daughters and Susan to Middlesbro. Chris and I went on to Samuel Taylors, where I bought some ric-rac braid for my cards, then back to the car and home.
Had Curry and rice with Naan bread (again) for tea, then prepared for Craft Class. Did a Stampin Up Card using the Garden Whimsey set. Was quite happy with the result.

Have made a right boo boo with my last order from SU. I have only gone and ordered a stamp set in ruddy French haven't I!! I now have to go about getting this exchanged for an English Set. It's my own fault I should have double checked the order, but I was obviously in a "blonde" mode when I did the ordering. Must have been in a "blonde" mode when I checked the order - I didn't look closely at the wording on the stamp. Only checked this out tonight when i was going to show Gail the set and realised that they were in French! Will be more careful next time.
Well, I am off to bed now - might have a bucks fizz as a bedtime treat - decadent or what.
See ya all.

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