Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Eileen's Special birthday

Do you know that it is Eileen's (from Demo Support) birthday next Tuesday. I was talking to her this morning, and I found out that she will be 60, so I just had to mark the occasion by sending her a card. Now this is a tri-shutter card that I had in my little "special - never to be given away" box, but I really wanted her to have a special card as she is so kind and thoughtful. As you can see it uses the (now retired) Bella Bleu DSP, but I still find it oh so elegant, I popped on the number 60 and put a few personal words on the middle panel then scooted off to the Post Office to wend its way to germany. Not sure that she will get it before she goes off on her jollies, but even so, she will have a nice surprise when she gets back.
Maybe you would like to send her a card too?

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