Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lost internet connection!

The lack of postings has been due to decorating our bedroom then yesterday the carpet fitters came and fitted the new carpet - but they have cut the phone wire for our internet connection!! Had no internet connection since lunchtime yesterday. After a series of tests this morning, found out that the phone wire is the problem, and it can only be that the carpet fitters have cut the wire! Have had to move the router to another phone socket and the problem is resolved. Phew! I was lost without my internet fix. Anyhow all is now resolved - we just have one redundant phone extension wire upstairs and the router thankfully is working nicely downstairs, so hope to post something later today. We need to shop for a bracket to fix the TV to the wall in the bedroom, so might have time to craft after sorting that out.

Talk to you all later.

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