Sunday, 6 February 2011

Emma and Tony's wedding invitations

Today I have to concentrate on finishing prepping my neice (and God-daughter) Emma and Tony's Wedding Invitations. I did the "Save the Date" cards last year and now we have to get the Day invites done as their wedding is on the 18th June. Emma and Tony plus sister Maggie, and my good friend Heather, are coming along on Tuesday evening to help with the assembly of the invites, and hopefully I will have finished all the prepping before then.
Tomorrow it is my Aerobics for the over 50's session (no laughing!) at Metrodome in the morning, plus my last ever Golf Club Committee Meeting in the evening (where did my year as Lady Captain go?). Tuesday I have my Gilroyd class in the morning and my usual Tuesday craft class in the afternoon - so it really means that I have to buckle down and get all the card and ribbon cutting done today! The inserts are all printed and only need cutting to size. The menu choice inserts are jigged on the computer and just need approving by Emma, then printing off. Should be able to get all this done today! I do enjoy a challenge - focuses the mind somewhat!
Wish me luck.

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