Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Grr - have just spent ages doing the update for this blog and I have caught a key combination that has wiped the ruddy lot. Boy am I mad! So a very shortened version now.
Monday early morning swim, 11 holes of golf, Morrisons for Maggie a thankyou bunch of flowers, tea, prep for Tuesday Class, watch soaps then bed.
Tuesday, sorting office at Wombwell to collect card with insufficient postage on it. Was 8p short so they charge £1 handling charge on top. I paid £1.08 and it turned out to be for our Adam's Kate - not me!!
Market next to visit Keith's craft stall, made a few purchases and picked up some envelopes for Heather. Aquarobics next - then home for craft class. quick lunch then off to Golf Club to drop off a birthday card for Ann, then a quick trip to Morrisons. Tea, then prep for Wednesday's class and a bit of work for the Golf Club's coffee morning on Friday morning. Watched a bit of telly, then an early night.
Today, monthly walk with Ashley. Before we set off on our walk we paid a visit to the Catalogue shop to see if they had an evening dress for a posh do that she is going to. Nothing suitable today, but we will keep looking. We did the Silkstone walk today and it was really good. Took us about 3 hours plus but the weather was brilliant and we really worked up an appetite for our late lunch. Cooked Barry's tea and posted thes items on blog - now I must go as it is nearly time for tonights craft class I had better sign off. Don't forget the blog hop - I won't

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