Friday, 31 July 2009


Today I cannot find my diary. I don't know where it is and I am lost without it. I have emailed friends to check if they know of it's whereabouts, I have phoned the Golf Club, I have searched the house twice and all to no avail. On wednesday I thought that I had lost the sponsored hole sheets, but found them in the spare bedroom! How did they get there?? I am getting quite worried that I may be suffering from Alzheimers. If/when the diary turns up I will let you know.
Before retiring to bed last night I discovered that my fridge had given up the ghost and expired on me. Consequently I spent the best part of this morning surfing the net to find a replacement. Went to Classique for my facial this afternoon - shame about the zit on my chin, otherewise my skin is as soft as a baby's bottom.
Back home and decided to have a new freezer as well as fridge, so Barry went off to Comet at tea-time to order them both. They wont be delivered until Wednesday - so if I have made an appointment to see any of you on Wednesday I will apologise in advance (I think that Christine is coming here on Wednesday so it should be OK) as I have to stay in and await delivery. (Wish I could find my diary)
Did the ritual weekly trip to the supermarket with brother, but only bought a few items as I have nowhere to store perishables now. I have put a dozen ice packs in the freezer and will set up my cool bag as a temporary fridge tomorrow, so at least the milk won't go sour - I hope.
Well I am going to have an early night tonight, cos I need my rest to ensure that I am fit for golf tomorrow. Andy and I are playing at our Invitation Day in the afternoon. Wish us luck and pray for good weather!

See ya

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