Thursday, 16 July 2009


Today Stevie (brother) and I have been to Cleethorpes for the day.
We set off bright and early and went first of all to the Hobby House at Tetney, about 5 miles the other side of Cleethorpes, where I bought a few craft bits and bobs, while Stevie sat drinking coffee - on the house!
We then went to Steeles restaurant in Cleethorpes and Stevie had half a whale with chips and tea and I had a baby whale with chips and peas - accompanied by bread and butter and a pot of tea! Excellent! As we left, people were queueing up the street to get in so it was oviously the right place to eat. We then went for a walk along the promenade, where I purchased a Candy floss to eat on the way, and another one to take home - yummy yummy.
We were bothered by millions of tiny black insects - might have been cornflies - not sure, but they were certainly attracted to my green Tshirt as I was covered in the blinking things.
We did a little shopping and bought a "Grow your own Spongebob squarepants" for Katie- he is supposed to grow up to 4 times his size in 72 hours, so we will watch and see.
If you're wondering what happened yesterday - well- it was a funny sort of day. I woke up with the most horrendous headache and felt extremely sick. Did nothing for the morning, but prepped a project for Dabble Day, then downloaded and sorted all my cards off the camera onto my memory stick. I uploaded some projects onto Docrafts site, then spent an hour speaking to Emma from Clip Crop Crafts.
Felt a lot better by late afternoon, so had a light salad for tea (but cooked for Barry) and then it was time for craft class.
Right - thats it for now
'Til tomorrow, take care.

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