Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Curtain making

Well today I have actually made the curtains, or should I say customised the curtains that I bought for the lounge before Christmas. I have christened the sewing machine that I also bought before Christmas - and well pleased I am with both the sewing machine and the curtains.
I also had my car valeted today as I was fed up of it looking like a golfers caddy!
It is far too clean now for me to use it so I shall just look at it- for a while.
I decided not to tempt fate by playing golf today. I thought that if I decide to play, the heavens will open and we will have another deluge. Note that as I had decided not to play, the weather has stayed fine! Aaargh!!
Craft class tonight - we made a concertina style brag book - had some beautiful results - everyone is well pleased with the results.
Tomorrow Christine and I are going to see Tracy, who is recovering from her operation just over two weeks ago.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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