Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What shall I do today?

Well, yesterday I did my Aquarobics, craft class and five and a half holes of golf! The rain interfered with my game something rotten, so we skulked off the course and into the clubhouse to dry off!
Today, I have decided not to attempt the golf, as all my gear has not yet dried out and I will need it for Friday, when Michelle, Andy, another Phoenix lady and myself play at Matlock.
I may alter the curtains for the lounge (the ones that I bought before Christmas!) if I feel like sewing, and use the sewing machine that I bought before Christmas (and haven't used yet!). I really need to make the dress for Mary for our Lady Captain's Day, but I need to really be in the mood to tackle that one.
Here is a link to the purple zone blog candy
I keep trying to win, but no success to date. You might have more luck than me.
Well I suppose I had better get on with whatever I decide to do!

Bye for now.

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