Monday, 27 July 2009

Housework Day

Well today I have been catching up on housework.
Yesterday Hazel, Mary, Joan and I played in the Barnsley Open. What a day! It took us 5 hours to play the 18 holes, we were waiting on every hole. To make matters worse it was raining most of the afternoon, and at times it was torrential. Joan and I finished with 35 points and Hazel and Mary 33. When I left (at 6:30!)we were in 4th position - and once again there were 3 prizes. You can't win em all.
Drove home, showered and changed then went straight to Wortley Hall to Sarah & Stuart's Evening Wedding reception. There was a Caleid band and Barry and I joined in the dancing - it was great. By 11:00 o'clock I was beginning to feel shattered, so we made our excuses, drove home and I went straight to bed - absolutely exhausted. Decided that I would probably not golf today.
Car went into garage for MOT today so didn't golf anyhow. Made good use of the time catching up on the housework. I changed the bedding and laundered it. Hung the new lounge curtains and laundered the old ones. Hung out the washing several times, then promptly fetched it back in several times as we had heavy rain showers in between the sunshine. Went shopping for accompaniments for the curry I hade made for tea (but forgot the Mango Chutney and had to go back out again!)
Tonight I have watched my soaps whilst I played Yahtzee on the laptop - quite relaxing. Went into craft room and made Gill a birthday card - it's her birthday on the 31st so we will be having a celebratory drink at our Thursday Craft Class. Heather is giving me the recipe for Weightwatchers Pimms!
Well I think it's time for another early night and a bit of much needed beauty sleep!

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