Sunday, 27 September 2009


Hi all - well I can at last sit back and relax a little now.
Thursday saw Jules (My Stampin Up mum) come down to help me preparen for my Open House. We were very busy and only had a very short lunch break and make quite a few things to promote sales on Saturday. We get on very well and don'tm see any problems there. Craft Class Thursday night was quite peaceful, we all made a man's card (using the origami shirt blocks) and had a good old natter at coffee break. Was very tired by the time everyone had gone home, so didn't do any more prep and just went to bed because of the early start Friday morning (Uncle Fred's funeral)
Friday morning, up bright and early - well early. Showered, dressed and quick cuppa (can't face breakfast first thing. Kathleen and Fitz arrived at ours about 7:50 and we set off for Bridlington with Barry driving. Funeral was at Bridlington Priory, which is a beautiful church, followed by cremation at a place called Octon (Think thats how it's spelled) Everyone then went ionto the tearooms and we all had hot drinks and biscuits, cos we were all quite cold by then. Chatted to all the relatives - Graham and Marilyn from Doncaster were there, it was Barry's birthday-bash last year when we last saw them. Barry spoke to one of Lisa's relatives who is a lady mason! (Lisa is Uncle Fred's daughter). Addresses and email addresses and phone numbers were exchanged, then we decided we had better have a proper meal before we all collapsed frpom starvation. Graham, Marilyn, Kathleen, Fitz, Barry and I went back into Bridlington and had a good old traditional fish and chip lunch at "Audreys" (supposedly the finest fish and chips in Brid!) and excellent they were.
After eating our fill, Graham and Marilyn decided to stay and spend some time in Brid and Barry, me, Kathleen and Fitz headed for home.
I drove the last half of the journey home cos Barry was tired.
Took Stevie to supermarket, did shopping for myself, then back home and made an excellent sandwich of french stick, Yorkshire ham and piccalli for Barry and me.
Made some last minute preparations for Saturday morning, and went to bed at 10:30 utterly exhausted!
Early start on Saturday morning ready for my Stampin UP Open House. Gerald dropped Maggie off at ours on the way to Golf (Barry and he were playing golf whilst I had my Open House). She was a godsend as very quickly it got very busy. In all 19 people came and there were times when it was extremely busy, but the last hour was a more sedate pace and very enjoyable. Maggie went home at 3:30 and the last guest went home at 4!! That didn't leave much time for a quick shower and change into the glad rags readyfor our Grand Gala Charity Dinner at the Royal Armouries. We drove to Silkstone to Chris and Stuarts (we were staying overnight here). The minibus picked us up about 5:40 and took eight of us to Leeds for the evenings proceedings. Liz and Alan and Roger and Sue went with us. It was a bit of a shambles to start with as when we got there they had run out of wine glasses for the reception, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for our drinks.
Then we were shepherded into the hall for the main event. Had our meal - which was excellent, then they announced who the winning Charities were. They had received 48 applications for the 5 awards of £30,000 each - these were whittle out and announced.
It was wonderful to find out that the Charity that Stuart had put the case forward for (A lift for Greenacres School for children with special needs)was successfull. It was the fourth award that was announced and it was great to be there to see his reaction. No-one in our group knew about the award, only the big-wigs higher up the chain knew, and they had been sworn to secrecy for the past 4 weeks.
Stuart and Chris's grandson Jack attends this school and is totally dependent on other people to look after all his needs. This money will make a huge different to all the children who attend the school, and it was wonderful to be there and share this news with them.
Well on this high note, we set off home and had an hour or so reflecting on things when we got back to Stuart & Chris's then all went to bed (about 2 in the morning!)
Got up this morning about 9ish, had a lovely breakfast with Stuart and Chris, then back home.
Couldn't wait to put together my oder for Stampin Up (as I obviously hadn't had time on Saturday to do anything much, other than put the orders safely away.) It took a while to input everyones orders onto the computer, butI was extremely please to find that I had sold £700 worth of products (including my own order of course. What a result! Thanks to everyone who supported me by coming along and making the event a success. Think that I deserve a rest now! However, I have put the Sunday roast in the oven, so I had better go and check that it's not burnt!!
Am going to have a very quiet evening, watch a little telly after dinner, the to bed.
Golf tomorrow morning!!
See ya.

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