Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Soon be Saturday- Stampin Up Open House!!

Morning all. Am heavily into preparations for my Open House on Saturday and getting quite excited,
I haven't golfed this week as I have been busy doing other things.
Monday - I didn't go golfing as I intended making a start on the ironing. Ha Ha Ha!
Spoke to Glynis on the phone to arrange for her to collect Louise's birthday card and found out that Glynis's birthday is Tuesday 22nd. Had to make her a card hadn't I? Couldn't not make my matchplay doubles partner a birthday card I - so the ironing took at rain check. Lunchtime saw me off to Country Baskets at Leeds, where I bought two rolls of cellophane - one clear and one in my favourite colour - PINK!! No surprises there then! I bought a few bits for door gifts for Saturday and a few card blanks and a bit of ribbon and some pearls and some gems - oh my - I won't tell you how much I spent cos Barry might read this! Went home and made a chicken casserole for tea - aren't I getting very domesticated! Took a phone call from Mary (Lady Captain) there is a House and Social Meeting at 6 o'clock this evening and can I make it? Couldn't say no could I? Glynis called to collect her card order and I gave her my card for Louise and my card for herself. She loved the Waterlily card that she had ordered for Louise, and I must confess I was really pleased with the finished item too. Glynis told me that friend Joan's daughter had had a baby girl whilst I was away, but didn't know any more details, so I sent Joan a quick congratulations email asking for details so that I can make her a card. _Fed Barry then went to Golf Club for said meeting - quite productive (not always). Back home, nuked the casserole and a jacket potato for me, then more preparation for Saturday, then off to bed.
Tuesday, quick last minute prep for Tuesday Class - Christmas Cards today! In the "coffee break" we had a diversion and had a quick trip to the market for supplies from our favourite craft stall holder Keith. Bought some beautiful Kanban card and paper and a set of clear stamps - can you believe that! Course you can. Was astonished to see Liz go to the card stall and BUY a birth congratulations card. When I commented on this, one of the other stall holders asked what was wrong with buying a card, I told him that Liz comes to my card-making class - to which he replied "Oh - is she not very good then!" Liz's excuse was that she has to post the card today (Wednesday) and would not have time to make one!!
Talking of congratulations cards, I received an email from Joan telling me that she had taken delivery of a beautiful GRANDSON!! I'll get that Gynis at playtime - giving me duff gen! Glad that I hadn't started making a pink card!!.
Craft Class over I went back to sending reminders to everyone about Saturday, then wrapped up a few little gifts for saturday - they look very nice - I hope people aren't disappointed! There again they aren't costing them anything are they so they should be OK. Spoke to Cathy R (an ex DV colleague to let her know about the next get together - an evening meal at The Oriental Palace (Chinese) at Sprotbrough. That reminds me, I really must get back into my swim and gym routine from Sunday - put two pounds on whilst on jollies - it was the drink - honestly - I had one alcoholic drink each evening and an odd shandy here and there - oh and there was the Bucks Fizz on the plane out!! They soon add up don't they.
Tea over saw me back in the craft room, checking out the SU web site to make sure that I haven't forgotten anything for Saturday, Sent a quick email to Jules (my SU line manager) just to remind her of the bits and bobs that she will be bringing down on Thursday when I meet her for the first time. She is coming to give me some training, so I am quite looking forward to this. I made her a thank you card to give her at the end of the session, it was good to use the SU stuff for this, but I am aware how few items I have in the SU range, OO er I can see my wish list getting longer!! Took a phone call frm Michelle (golf Michelle not hairdresser Michelle) and had a good long natter - hope to see her on Saturday. Took another phone call asking if Barry and I want to attend a Wharncliffe Lodge Ladies Night on Saturday October 3rd . Didn't take too much thinking about that did it! Silly question really! On Saturday evening, after the Open House if finished, I will be donning the old glad rags and Barry and I plus a minibusload of friens will be going to The Arnouries for a Grand Charity Dinner and Dance. We wnt a couple of years ago and it was great so am looking forwrd to this, it will be a nice relaxing evening after a hectic (I hope) day, Made another sample for make and take, then decided it was time for bed!
Today if I get really desperate I may do a little ironing(maybe Barry's shirts?).
I have to catch up on my emails - there has been a problem with sky email so I will check them as I sign off. I need to go to the supermarket for fresh bread and salad stuff some time today, and I am cooking a meat pie for tea (very nutricious but not too slimming!!)
If I don't get chance to speak to you all personally - don't forget to drop in on Saturday for my Open House - you know the details!!

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