Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday Sunday - again!!

Well it's nice to be back home, but we have had a fabulous week.
To further update you, Thursday we played at El Valle again and this time I won Barry with 26 points - absolutely scortching heat, but no free water here!! Ate at their 19th hole - absolute luxury. Back at the hotel Barry didn't join me for a swim, but I spent an hour in the gym beforehand. Went out for dinner late and had an Italian at La Trattoria - we shared a "Menu" I had the salad starter, Barry had a main course - Spag Bol and we both had a sweet - there was plenty to eat!
Friday was our third and final day at Haciende Requielme - a nice pleasantly sunny day, but not too oppressive, still got free water. Won Barry again this time with 33points, my best score to date this week. To celebrate, Barry bought me a Polaris World Golf Resort polo shirt! Had different Tapas at the 19th hole, it was delicious, then back to the Hotel for a quick swim and gym session before packing. When I got to the swimming pool there were millions of kids in there, all jumping in and splashing one another, so went to the gym first and did an hours workout, then back at the pool as most of the kids had gone by then. Barry and I packed our cases and the golf bags - worried that the big suitcase may be overweight, so juggled stuff around. As it was, the golf bags were Ok as was the big suitcase, we needn't have worried. Ate out at "Bamboo" Friday night and shared two dishes- a Combo of starters and a plate of ribs and wedges - scrumptious. We have ate at this place three times this week. Thursday night we couldn't get in cos there was a private party for the Davis Cup Players and they hadn't given us a pass, so they wouldn't let us in! The cheek.
Anyhow, Saturday morning was a beautiful morning again, with the Sun high in the sky.
I got up at the usual time and after the ritual shower and early morning cuppa, played Mahjong sat in the sun on the balcony until Barry got up. We finished the packing and then went down for a late breakfast before checking out at 11 o'clock.
As our flight was not due until 19:50 we decided to stop off at a few places along the coast on the way back to the airport. We had pizza and drinks at a place on the seafront at a place that I cannot for the life of me remember the name.
Similarly we had a cappucino and coffee at another beach front place late in the afternoon,that I simnilarly can't remember the name of either.
Off to the airpost we went, Barry dropped the hire car off at the Rentacar place then we queued up everywhere as one does at airports, but the flight was on time and we had no problems. Our taxi was waiting for us at Manchester and we arrived home a little past midnight, tired but contented.
Whilst we have been away Barry's uncle has passed away (Tuesday I believe) and his funeral is in Bridlington next Friday. It seems that the only time we see distant relatives these days is at funerals and it is so sad.
On a brighter note, back home today I have unpacked all the cases, done three loads of washing, done the shopping, and cooked a Sunday dinner. Barry and I went over to see Shirley this evening and spent about an hour with her, then back home to catch up on reading my emails and updating this blog.
So there you have it - up to date again.
Think I might go to Country baskets tomorrow, I need a roll of cellophane to wrap up bottles for the bottle stall at our Golf Club's coffee morning in two weeks time.
I might phone Pat up to see if she fancies going.
Tara for now.

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