Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday already!!

Well we have had some brilliant weather on Monday and Tuesday - it has been extremely hot and the golf course we have played on for these two days is extremely hospitable and gives you free water - very civilised. On Monday Barry and I were scheduled to play with two English men, Tony and Alan. They were very sociable, and Alan came in very handy as he gave me the distances for all my shots with his GPS. I won Barry again with 27 points this time. I had to abandon the hole on the last green as it started to pour down with rain and we had to hurry back to the little wooden hut (19th hole). For a posh golf course the refreshment area is a bit poor, but Barry and I had tapas and enjoyed them.
Back at the hotel Barry and I had a swim and a sauna then changed and ate in the hotel restaurant again.
At the hotel, you drive up to the entrance and the staff take your car keys and park your car for you. When they brought ours back on Tuesday morning there was a big scrape down the drivers side passenger door. Its a good job that Barry took out superduper insurance!
We played the same golf course on Tuesday, and once again it was exceptionally warm. Free water again at the start and on the 9th hole. I won Barry again with 28 points! Poor Barry! When we get back to the hotel, the bloke on the door (I think its the concierge)always asks Barry who has won! I might have to let him win next time. Once again, as soon as we had finished playing our round, we were sat having a drink and a bite to eat when the heavens opened and we had a torrential downpour.
Back at La Torre, there is heightened security as Friday draws near. The Davis Cup is being played here for three days and everyone who is either a resident or a visitor has to have a pass for their car or they will not be allowed back in tothe resort over these three days. This is the reason that we are unable to play golf here at La Torre. It is very busy with workmen everywhere building/assembling the seating and the Guardia Civil are everywhere.
Today we do not have any golf booked, so we had a late breakfast and went to Torrevieja. It was another glorious day, so I donned shorts and thin shirt, sunspecs and water! Had a good treck round the resort and bought a Prada handbag and two lovely scarves. We had a trip on the little train,but by the time we got bak to the terminus, it was threatening rain. We hurried along the 10 minute walk to the car and only got slightly damp when it began to rain. The journey back to La Torre was horrendous. The torrential rain turned to hailstones and visibility was about 2 metres. Several of the roads (including the motorway) were flooded and drivers had just stopped on the hard shoulder with their hazards on! We had to find an alternate route back as the normal route was flooded so badly we had no chance of getting through. Boy was I pleased to get back safely.
Barry joined me for a swim and a sauna, then we got changed and went out to eat. What a routine!!
Tomorrow we are golfing at El Valle again so I had better get off to bed and get some beauty sleep. Night night!!

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