Friday, 11 September 2009

One more sleep!

Yesterday was my monthly(ish) exchange lunch visit to Jackie's. We had a drive up to the Abbey and had a short walk around, taking in the sights of the Abbey and not forgetting the two golf courses that are on either side of the Abbey! Whilst we did this Tom cooked lunch - and an excellent lunch it was - Salmon, followed by a strawberry and rasberry tart wuth fresh cream- yum yum it was delicious.
When I got back home i received an email reply to my query about where my July prize-draw was. They advised me to contact Parcelforce and gave me a tracking number to enquire with, Well it took me 30 minutes to get thro the automated phone maze! I was ready for tearing my hair out. On the third attempt I actually managed to speak to a human being, She couldn't explain why the driver had been unable to locate the address, apologised, printed a map off to attach to my parcel and wrote my phone number on the parcel and said it would be with me today. So I have to stay in until its delivered today!! As I am doing the packing for the holiday today its not too big an issue, but I was furious. We have lived at this address for 15 years!
I refuse to be stressed on the eve of my holiday! I will let you know whether the parcel was worth waiting for.
Craft Class was a little noisy last night, but we all had fun and everyone enjoyed the class.
We are taking the notebook on holiday, so if I am not too exhausted, I might post a couple of updates whilst we are away, It will be nice to keep in touch with people and then I won't have a mountain of emails on my return.
Right then, I will do the last of the ironing and start sorting out the clothes that I want to take, then put half of them back in the wardrobe - we are only taking one suitcase!!
Bye for now.

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