Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Sunday

Where has the week gone? Yesterday Glynis and I played our greensomes game at the crack of dawn - well it seemed like that - it was actually 8:06 a.m. and the sun was shining and the dew was on the ground - it was a beautiful day and we had a really enjoyable game, with quite a few splendid shots, as well as some not so splendid. Don't think we have won any prizes with that one.
Finished Lucas's birthday card (his birthday's tomorrow - 6 years old!!) and made Cheryl and Paul's Anniversary Card - they are coming to stay over Thursday evening, so am looking forward to seeing them again.
This morning at the crack of dawn (7:00 am) I got up, got ready and went for an early morning swim and gymn session .
Went shopping this afternoon with Barry and bought new curtains and sheets for the spare bedroom. Bought a new drinks fridge with ice-making facility (cos the new one we bought doen't have this (nor does the freezer!)) Also bought a 1TB external hard drive for my laptop.
Cooked dinner, then spent the evening making Barry's birthday card - am quite pleased with it. Will post photos as soon as I get a spare couple of hours!!
Tomorrow morning it's Monday Club Golf so I'll say goodnight to you all now.
Night nigfht.

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